0238A 52
Ferrari 340 America Vignale Spyder, RHD
Original body very similar to a "standard" 225S Vignale Spyder
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - engine completed on "08-II-52" (Feb or Nov?)  
52 - rumored to have been a factory demonstrator...  
53/jan/15 - Tore Bjurstrom, Orebro S
1st Ferrari imported into Sweden by Tore Bjurstrom
FFM1/96 p54    FbV p147
53/jan/20 - Severt "Kroken" (the Hook) Sundberg, Ornäs, S 
Sundberg had lost his right arm in a prior crash, which explains the nickname!
BO 19059"  Émotion Ferrari p78
53 dnf Fredenloppet Severt Sundberg    
53/feb/08 1st Falun in Dalecarlia Severt Sundberg    
53/feb/15 1st Lulea Severt Sundberg    
53/feb/22 fatal acc. Burträsk Severt Sundberg    
53/jun - rebodied by Vignale like a Mexico Coupe
Returned to Italy and rebodied by Vignale with exact copy of 340 Mexico Coupé body, painted light blue met.
Forza no.1 p56
53 - Valdemar Stener, Farila, S FY53                "BO 22498"
53/sep/12 3rd OA Skarpnäck Airfield Valdemar Stener #23  
54/mar Flying kilometre
speed record
169,4 km/h
Lake Varpen Valdemar Stener    
54/apr/15 - displayed at Stockholm Motor Show (this was not 0323EU, it was 0238A referred to as 340 MM; info by Kare Pietila)  
54/may/09 2nd OA Helsinki GP
Valdemar Stener #8 (KP)
54/may/23   Hedemora Valdemar Stener   was 0408MD
55/feb/20 1st Hindaas Circuit Valdemar Stener   FY54
55/mar/06 1st Bollmas Valdemar Stener    
55/aug/07 8th OA
8th S
Swedish GP,
Erik Carlsson #9
56 - Stig Rollne, S  
66 - Vintage Car Store, Nyack, NY, USA "616.207" 
66 - Howard Nostrand, NY, NY, USA via Stanley Nowak  
.. - ..............., Kansas City, KS, USA  
86 - Robert M. Rubin, NY, NY, USA  
90 - Kent S. Olsson, Svenljunga, S  
92/may - Coupé body for sale without chassis or engine: Mr. Gene, Genoa, Italy?  
92-96 - undergoing restoration & rebody as Vignale Spyder in Sweden  
96 - coupe body displayed in a museum in Sweden  


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