019S 49/sep
Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe (Notchback) Touring, RHD

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
49/oct - Paris Motor Show Tipo166 p44, p68
FA1 p121
TF p28
49 - J. Lodi, F
50 - Kleber Colombes Tyres, Paris, F for display in their showroom "9185 Y 75"
50 - Jean Renaldo, Paris, F
51/aug/30 - sep/12 74th OA 15th IC Tour de France Jean Renaldo /          Mme Rey Mottet #214 TdF p65     
52/jun/01 1st GP d'Albi, Tourisme Jean Renaldo #2 Émotion Ferrari p66
52/jun/22 1st Montauban Jean Renaldo    
52/jun/29 3rd Bressuire Jean Renaldo  #8  
52/sep/14 5th GP Roubaix Jean Renaldo    
52/sep/21 3rd Coupe d'Automne +2.0, Monthléry Jean Renaldo    
52/sep/28 6th Agen Jean Renaldo    
52/oct/05 1st S2.0 Coupe du Salon, Monthlery Jean Renaldo    
71 - Jean Claude Bajol, F ... Borranis ... most likely white "4169 RE 31" (F)
FA3 p65
74 - David Baylis, GB (Singapore) - 30,000km T&CC 12/75 p4
88/may/11 - S - Christie's Monaco auction - $214,211 incl. buyer's premium  
88/may/11 - Evert Louwman, NL
99 - displayed in the "Nationaal Automobiel Museum" at Raamsdonksveer, Holland
owned by Evert Louwman and is situated in the same building as his Toyota importship.
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