0185EL 51
212 Inter Fastback Coupe Ghia,
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
51 - Braunschweig, La Chaux-de-Fonda, CH  
77 - Jerry Martindale, Portland, OR, USA  
80/nov/18 - Thomas J. Connelly, 12123 SW Orchard Hill Way, Lake Oswego, OR, 97034  
85/nov/05 - purchased by European Auto Sales, Inc. as a "parts car" for $5,500 from Lou N. Goldhammer, A-Line Equipment Co., 3030 SE 10th St., Portland, Oregon
Basically a bare chassis and a VERY ugly Ghia body in remarkably good original condition. The motor (block) was last known to be with Steve Griswold, many many years ago
85/nov/23 - sold by European Auto Sales to Chuck Betz and Fred Peters, a.k.a. Vintage Coach Sales, 3701 W. Mc Fadden St., Santa Ana, CA, for the massive sum of $7,000 USD  
87 - Martindale, USA  
9. - David Lettermann, USA $400.000.-  
97 Reading Concours Francois Sicard C100 p16,17 
97/may/22-24 FCA Field & Driving Concours, Washington DC David Letterman
97/aug/04 Meadow Brook Concours, Rochester David Letterman

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