225 Sport Vignale Berlinetta, RHD
round air ducts below the headlights
no portholes
outside filler cap
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52/mar/09   Giro di Sicilia Franco Bordoni #403 FEO p393
52/may/03-04 10th OA
2nd IC
Mille Miglia Franco Bordoni/
#533 "BO 11891 Prova"           Red Arrows p74, 80, 81, 220 LFMM p60
FEO p262
52 - Kleber-Colombes, F (tire company)  
52/jun/02 4th GP Monaco Jean Lucas/           André Simon #58 C1 p17
52/jun/08 1st Orleans Jean Lucas    
52/jun/29 1st Bressuire Jean Lucas    
52/jul/13 1st OA Sables d'Olonne Jean Lucas #22  Émotion Ferrari p73
52 2nd Reims Maurice Trintignant   FY 52
53/feb/27 Circuit de Vitesse d'Agadir Jean Lucas #34 Émotion Ferrari p79
53/mar/29 Circuit de Nimes Jean Lucas #127 Émotion Ferrari p80                 "BO 11890"
5. - Robert E. Tappan, USA  
54 Akron Airport SCCA race Robert Tappan #44
5. - Alfred Momo, NY, NY, USA  
5. - Trotter, NY, NY, USA  
5. - John Levitt, NY, NY, USA  
59 - Eugene Aucott, Philadelphia, PA, USA "487.45 J" 
63/aug/17 - displayed at New Hope Auto Show, PA, USA
??? was this the car in the garbage ??? Cavallino #? - yes  
.. - original engine removed and later owned by Wayne Sparling, FL, USA
.. - 3-liter engine (restamped) installed
8. - Anthony W. Wang, Ronkonkoma, NY, USA FbV p112, 113 "831 BJL"
12 - Najeeb Khan, Granger, IN, USA
12/may/11-13 19th GP Historique Monaco Najeeb Khan #58 C190 p80
13/may/16-18 dnf Mille Miglia Najeeb Khan/       John Braslow #255 "225 S (MT)"
14/may/09-11 dnf GP Historique Monaco Najeeb Khan #48  
14/may/15-18 215th Mille Miglia Najeeb Khan/
John Braslow




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