0141ET 51
212 Export Tuboscocca Berlinetta Touring, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
51 - Pierre Boncompagni "Pagnibon", F via Chinetti SuR p46 
52/mar/30 1st OA
1st GT
Coupes de Vitesse
"Pagnibon" #62  
52/mar/30 2nd OA Coupes de l'USA
"Pagnibon" #62  
52/apr/06 1st IC Nimes "Pagnibon"    
52/apr/20 1st Course de cote du Val de Cuech "Pagnibon"    
52/apr/27 1st IC Coupe de Printemps, Montlhéry "Pagnibon" #63 Émotion Ferrari p64
52/apr/27 2nd IC Coupe de Printemps,
Formula Libre
"Pagnibon" #63  
52/may/04 1st Bordeaux
"Pagnibon"   see also 0068M
53/jul/01 - ............., CH  
55/jan/26 - Jean-Pierre Cattaneo, Carouge, CH  
55/apr/30 - Albert Cattaneo, Vernie, CH  
55/aug/06 - Jean-Pierre Trachsel, Geneva, CH  
58/sep/19 - Rene Voser, Baden, CH  
58/dec/31 - Jacob Beglinger, Windisch, CH  
60/oct/29 - Jean Lienemann, La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH  
64 - Rob de la Rive Box, Villmergen, CH RB p48
6. - fitted with later 250 GT type engine block with internal #0298D  
6. - Dr. Paul F. Schouwenburg, NL - damaged 0141/T bare engine block and crankshaft via Rob Box  
60’s late - Garage Herbert Cilly, Urdorf-Zurich, CH  
70’s - .............., Zurich, CH  
.. - Hans Matti, Rolle, CH 
.. - Corrado Cupellini, Bergamo, I  
80 - bare engine block by Jerry Rosenstock San F, CA later sold to UK  
8. - Giulio Dubbini, Padova, I "PD 753199"   "PD 764910"
86/may/01-04 Mille Miglia Dubbini / X  #200
88/oct/18 - Federico Dubbini, Padova, I (after his father's death)  
95/may/18-21 Mille Miglia Dubbini /
96/may/03-05 23rd (21st) Spa Ferrari Days, Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge Federico Dubbini
96/jul/20-21 29th (29th) Ferrari Racing Days, Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge, Nuerburgring Federico Dubbini
97/apr/23-26 Tour de France Auto Federico Dubbini / Laurent Brechet #88 C99 p12
98/aug - Garry Roberts, Costa Mesa, CA, USA - asking $750,000.-  
99/aug/29 - NS - Christie's Pebble Beach auction - highbid $500,000.-  



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