0123S 51/apr/17
Ferrari 195 Inter Berlinetta Touring, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
51 - Franco Cornacchia, Milano, I - paid Lit. 3,3mio Lit.  
51 - Roy Clarkson, GB
51/apr 31st OA Tulip Rally Roy Clarkson / 
Gatsonides (of Gatso speed camera notoriety)
Leslie Onslow Bartlett
#182 "BO 4130" (I)
temporary license plate
51/may/05 23rd OA
8th PS3.0
Daily Express Trophy Meeting
Production Car Race Overr 2000
Roy Clarskon #8 "QD 3936" (UK)
temporary license plate
51/jun RAC International Rally Roy Clarkson #81
51/aug/30-sep/12 dnf Tour de France Roy Clarkson /    Weisbarol
51/nov/11-14   Daily Express Rally Roy Clarskon #164  
51/... - Maurice Gatsonides, Milano, I "MI 172051" (I)
52 - Boris Said, Milano, I (USA)
5. - Phil Bagley, USA
.. - Arnold Rudolph, OH, USA
.. - Peter Zorn, OH, USA
.. - Gerry Sutterfield, West Palm Beach, FL, USA - found the car sitting in a avocado grove
90/may - Lord Charles Brocket, Brocket Hall, GB (in need of total restoration)
91 - reported stolen UK C65, see Laban Book
95 - turned out that this car and several others where destroyed by owner  
10 - restoration project offered by Kidston SA, Geneva, CH:

"The chassis was sandblasted and painted in primer; the engine was dismantled but new parts (incl. Carillo pistons and liners) were acquired and are with the car; a single Weber carburetor is present; the distributors are new as is the dynamo; the starter motor was rebuilt; the original gearbox was rebuilt; the suspension (stub axles, Houdaille shocks, leaves etc) is believed complete but requires rebuilding; the brake drums have new liners and the shoes are present; the back axle was rebuilt; the dashboard switches are present but like the dash lights need restoring whilst the instruments were rebuilt; the steering wheel, window winding mechanism and seat frames are present; the Borrani wheels were replaced but have not yet been located. The body, apart from the boot lid and badges, was discarded. Due to force majeure, the project was laid up and is now available for public sale on behalf of its owner of the past 16 years."

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