0122A 51/may/24
Ferrari 340 America Berlinetta Le Mans Touring, RHD
Touring body no. 3568  
3 carbs Weber 40 DCF
engine no. interno 8A 
gearbox no. 13A
rear axle no.15A
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
51/may/16 - primo montaggio motore
51/may/19 - secondo montaggio motore
51/may/22 - montaggio cambio
51/may/24 - montaggio autotelaio
51/aug/20 - Comptoir Automobiles Richard SA, Brussels, B C10/89 p42
TYL p128
52/jan/19-30 - displayed at 35th Salon de l'Automobile, Brussels, B
52 - Germeau, Brussels, B (industrialist)
5. - B. Desmet, Antwerpen, B
5. - B. van Reebroek, Antwerpen, B
53 - Garage Francorchamps, Brussels, B EF p37 "46.F.06"
5. - Pierre B. d'Haveloose, B  
54 KM Lancee Pierre d'Haveloose
55 KM Lancee Pierre d'Haveloose
57/mar/10 1st IC Cote de Bomeree Pierre d'Haveloose #121 "67.J.59"
see 0064M
57/mar/24 1st IC Cote de la Roche Pierre d'Haveloose #187
57/mar/31 1st IC Cote de Dinant Pierre d'Haveloose #193
57/may/01 3rd IC 1500m de Bruxelles Pierre d'Haveloose #122
57 - Pierre d'Haveloose blew the clutch
57 - Armand Blaton, B - alias "Blary" (father-in-law of Jacky Ickx) "X.5310"
57/sep/29 1st IC 4th Rallye d'Automne Jean Blaton /         Armand Blaton #3 SuR p41
57/nov 1st Tour de Belgique Armand Blaton
58/mar/08 1st IC Cote d'Herbeumont Armand Blaton #192
58/apr/27 1st KM de Knokke Armand Blaton #129
58/aug/17 dns Cote de Bomeree Armand Blaton #121
58 - back to Garage Francorchamps, Brussels, B "84.G.23"
58/sep/07 dnf
GP de Leopoldville Alain de Changy #8 GP en Noir et Blanc p48, 52-55, 57, 58 
58/sep/21 10th OA GP Angola, Luanda Tassin
5. - back to Pierre B. d'Haveloose, B
.. - back to Garage Francorchamps, Brussels, B and long term stored FF p74
71/aug/24 - Paul F. Schouwenburg, Amsterdam, NL PH89 p17   "KZ 72 VF"
7. - restored by Schouwenburg
84/may/24-27 Mille Miglia Schouwenburg / Schouwenburg #130 MM84 p130
85/sep/27-29 80 Anni di Sport ACI con la Ferrari,
Paul Schouwenburg /    T. Schouwenburg #219 Golinelli p21
86 - Giuseppe Lucchini, Brescia, I - 2010 C34 p4 
86 - completely restored by Cognolato, Padova, I and repainted red
86/may/01-04 Mille Miglia Michele Alboreto /
Nadia Alboreto
#157 "81 202 B2" MM86 p144
87/may/21-24 Mille Miglia Michele Alboreto /
#245 MM87 p49
88/may/05-08 Mille Miglia Giuseppe Lucchini / Enzo Ziletti #147 MM88 p25
89/jun/10-11 La Leggenda Ferrari - Sport e Prototipi, Imola M. Boldi #2
93/may/13-16 dnf Mille Miglia Michele Alboreto /
M. Boldi
#208 MM93 p98 "82261 B2"
97/may/31-jun/08 50 anni Ferrari Giuseppe Lucchini #21 "Prova BS 2237"
10/sep - DK Engineering, Chorleywood, UK
10/dec - offered by DK Engineering C180 p52
11/apr - repainted black, completely original, matching no.
11/jun/23   Salon Prive      
11/jul/02   Goodwood Festival of Speed      
12 - certified by Ferrari Classiche  
13 - Marco Rollinger, L  
14/may/15-18 177th Mille Miglia Marco Rollinger /
Niesen Raymond
#215 C202 p84
15/may/13-16   Mille Miglia Marco Rollinger #221  
16/jul/03   Schloss Bensberg Classics Marco Rollinger    




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