011S, 49/mar
166 Inter Stabilimenti Farina Cabriolet, RHD
Pea green/pale leather
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
49/mar - Geneva Show car Tipo166 p76
FA1 p119
TF p33
49/mar - Roberto Rossellini, Roma, I  
71 - Edgar L. Roy, Boston, MA, USA
7. - restored and repainted dark red
76 - offered on behalf of Roy by Phil Rosette, New Preston, CT, USA - 06777, 203-868-0017  
76 - Mark Gibbons, Cambridge, MA, USA
79/jan - offered by Gibbons together with 009S (to be sold as a pair) C3 p48
79 - Judge John North, MD, USA C14 p13
80 Prancing Horse Farm Meeting Judge North
80 - Allen Woodall, Columbus, GA, USA - $75,000 (009S + 011S) C15 p49 (Sales AD)
84 - Robert M. Lee, Sparks, NV, USA  




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