0118A 51/may/12
Ferrari 340 America Touring Barchetta, RHD 
dry sump, 3 carbs Weber 40 DCF
gearbox no. 5A
rear axle no. 11A
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1951/apr/19 - primo montaggio motore
1951/apr/24 - secondo montaggio motore
1951/apr/24 - montaggio cambio
1951/may/12 - montaggio autotelaio
1951 - William ( Bill ) Spear, Manchester, NH, USA
1951/jun/23-24 dnf clutch burned
24h Le Mans William Spear /
Johnny Claes
#17 FEO p221
FaLM p13 Émotion Ferrari p55
1951/aug/26 5th OA
3rd Cl 2
Elkhart Lake
William Spear #132
1951/sep/15 3rd OA
3rd S8.0
International Sports Car GP, Watkins Glen
SCCA National Round 5
Watkins Glen Grand Prix
William Spear #86
1951/oct/20 4th OA
2nd C
Miller Trophy,
Allentown (Convair Airport)
William Spear #39 NASCR p37
1951/dec/09 1st OA
1st Class 2
Palm Beach Shores
SCCA National Round 8
Riviera Beach Trophy
John Fitch #1 Falb2 p21
1952/mar/15 dnf
12h Sebring Bill Spear /
Briggs Cunningham
#8 Falb2 p21
Sebring p12
1952/may/24 1st OA
1st 2M
Bridgehampton Sports Car Road Races,
Cup race
Modified +1.5
William Spear #20 Finn p105, 115, 116
1952/aug/30 1st OA
1st Class 2
SCCA Centennial GP of Grand Island,
race 3
Preliminary S+1.5
William Spear #10 NASCR p54
1952/aug/30 1st OA
1st Class 2
SCCA Centennial GP of Grand Island,
race 4
William Spear #10
1952/sep/07 dnf
Class 2
200 mile Elkhart Lake
William Spear #12
1952 - Charles E. Brown, Monroe, LA, USA
1952/oct/25 dnf
12th OA 2nd
Turner AFB, Sowega National,
M.W. Tift Pioneer Trophy
Charles Brown #10
1952/oct/26 dnf
Sowega National Sports Car Races,
Turner AFB
4h Turner
Charles Brown #10
1953/apr/12 dn? Lone Star National Sports Car Races, Bergstrom AFB, race 2 Phil Hill #46  
1953/apr/12 dns Lone Star National Sports Car Races, Bergstrom AFB, race 4 Charles Brown #46  
1953/jul/05 dnf  National Sports Car Races, Offutt AFB, race 4 Charles Brown #27  
1953/oct/25 dnf Sowega National Sports Car Races,
Strategic Air Power Trophy, Turner AFB
250 miles Turner
Robert Samuelson #118
1953/nov/30 - offered for $7.000.- by Brown
1953/dec/06 Fort Worth NGB,
race 5
William Jarnigan #71
1970 - Lincoln Cabraloff, L.A., CA, USA - Chrysler engine PH74 p25
19.. - fitted with 365 GT engine 11787  
1987/oct - offered by Lyn Cabraloff LA, CA, 4653 Mioland Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90043  
1988/nov - Steve Tillack, Redondo Beach, CA, USA CaS 11/88 p159
1989 - Fabrizio Violati, Roma, I  
1989/apr/28-01  Mille Miglia Violati /
1990/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Bastagli /
1990/dec/01 - displayed in Violati's "Collezione Maranello Rosso", San Marino
1991/may/02-05 Mille Miglia Bastagli /
#149 "81981 B2"
1992/may/21-24 Mille Miglia Confidati /          Bastagli #290 "43639"       MM92 p150
1993/may/13-16 Mille Miglia Confidati /   D'Alessandro #241 "RSM 0001"
19.. - engine 0118A on engine stand with the car  
1996/dec - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK  
1997/apr - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA
1997/apr - Carlos Monteverde, BR (UK)  
1997/jun - still offered by SMC
1997/jun/01 - anonymous
1997/jun/01 - stored near NYC  
2023/jan28 - Cavallino Classic ... Le Mans livre  
2024/jan/31 - displayed by Girardo & Co. at Retromobile, Paris, F




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