0091S 50
195 Inter Coupe Vignale, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
.. - exported to USA
62 - Chevy V8 engine installed by Larry Taylor, Sacramento, CA, USA
62 - Edward L. Peter, Mountain View, CA, USA
64 - Burton A. Zabin, Berkeley, CA, USA
67 - John R. Sming, Berkeley, CA, USA
68 - Rolland W. Petersson, Rochester, MN, USA   
91 - stored unrestored in a barn without engine FbV p86


.. - engine only sold to Lawrence Knaack, Long Grove, IL, USA then on to Gary A. Schonwald, NY, NY, USA, then to Robert M. Rubin, NY, NY, USA and then to a Mr. Carin, USA





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