166 Export


166 Export Vignale Spyder, RHD
looks like a little 340 Mexico
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
51 - Alberico Cacciari, Milano, I
51/apr/28-29 90th OA   7th S2.0 Mille Miglia Alberico Cacciari /
Yvonne Simon
#350 Tipo166 p79 Red Arrows p65, 210     '24810 MO'
51/may/07 19th OA Rallye du Maroc
5. Rallye International de l’Atlas Marocain
Yvonne Simon /
Michel Kasse
51 - rebodied by Campana as Spyder Corsa Tipo166 p37
51/jul/15 dnf
left the road
Coppa d'Oro Delle Dolomiti Luigi Fagioli /
Alberico Cacciari
#107 PeG p88
'24810 MO'
51/aug/12 7th OA
7th S+1.1
Coppa Adriatica, Circuito di Senigallia Alberico Cacciari  #74 CdS p165
52/jun/01 29th OA
4th S2.0
Coppa della Toscana Alberico Cacciari /
#124? FEO p396
52/aug/10 5th OA
(acc. ?)
Circuito di Senigallia Alberico Cacciari #83 CdS p197
52/sep/28 8th OA
3rd S2.0
Grand Prix Bari Alberico Cacciari #76  
52 - rebodied by Vignale along the lines of the 340 Mexico spyder (0228AT), with two ovoid portholes  
5. - Otto Pegas, Tropical, Sao Paulo, BR FbV p78
54 - Cem Milhas do 4º Centenário  
54   Cem Milhas do 4º Centenário Alberico Cacciari #12  
61 - Mario Lott Guimaraes, BR
64 - according to Mario Lott Guimaraes Filho, his father sold the car to an American, who put it in a Super G Constellation airplane and exported it to the States (per Email, March 19th 2005)
92 - according to Marcel Massini, 0072E was still in Sao Paolo, BR and still there in 1998  



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