Ferrari 166 MM


0062M 1950
166 MM Vignale Coupe, RHD
air intake from grille to bonnet
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1950/jun/22 - AICAR, Milano, I (Franco Cornacchia) Tipo166 p81     FbV p71, 72 "PROVA MI 274"
1953 - ..............., F
1953/jun/28 3rd GP Rouen Yanne /
#96 SuR p36
"BO ...."
  Rallye de Sable Solesme
1960/dec - Claude Junivall, Danville, IL, USA
1962 - John Delameter, Indianapolis, IN, USA FbV p17
19.. - Bill Posten, New York, NY, USA
1975 - Ed Willimann, New York, NY, USA - purchased from a NY City Police Auction  
1997/jan - Tim McCann, CT, USA  
2004 - Mitchell Eitel, New York, NY, USA
2004/jul/08   CFerrari Maserati Racing Days @ Lime Rock Mitchell Eitel #96  
2017/sep/03   Lime Rock Park Historics Festival Mitchell Eitel #96  

"The car is totally unrestored and has a few unusual features.  

In the original photos of the car (in all the books, at Monza with Prova MI 274) it had bumpers. The front bumper had a slot that matches a slot below the grill in the body of the car. This slot allows the use of a hand crank (still with the car) to start it. It is the only Ferrari with this kind of slot, although a few others from the period had a small hole to allow use of a crank (one of those is a Vignale 166 Inter). The bumpers were removed for the car's racing life and, in fact, became separated from the car for many years. They recently were located and are now back with the car (although I have no plans to put them back on the car).
It has a one carb (2-choke 36DCF) instead of the usual triple 32mm carbs. It also has a high, 5:1 rear axle ratio. I think this was originally intended as a hill climb set up, as the single carb would give better throttle response especially when combined with the high rear end.
The firing order of the cylinders was stamped into the cam covers, which are unpainted. The numbers remain fully visible.
The current paint dates from no later than 1960. It is dark red. But, it appears possible that the car started life green. There are signs of green paint in a variety of places. The original leather (still present) is beige with green piping. The leather seats were covered over with blue vinyl during the 50's when the car was raced in France. The vinyl is still in fine shape, and most of the original leather has been preserved underneath.
The headliner and much of the other upholstery was ripped out when the car was vandalized, when it was in storage for Bill Postenn who kept the car in a garage in Queens, New York. He moved to Florida and left the car behind. It was seized to satisfy a debt he owed to a New York lawyer, and the car was sold at a Police auction to its next owner, Ed Williman.
The car has been only barely driven since 1960. The odometer shows 7760 km.  While I cannot be certain beyond all doubt, the incredibly well-preserved state of the engine, transmission, suspension and brakes confirms that the car has very low mileage.  I also know for sure that Postenn, Williman and McCann, the three prior owners, did not use the car at all. So I believe the 7760 km is accurate.
Mitchell Eitel"




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