Ferrari 166 MM


0052M 1950
Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta, RHD
Touring body no. 3449
Long bonnet with big round air scoop, thick headlights, horns
Transmission type: 166/M (serial no. n.18)
Rear axle type: 166/M (serial no. 0028MB)
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1950/may - Chinetti & Plisson, Paris, F  
1950/jun/24-25 accident
Lap 164
24h Le Mans Lord Selsdon /
Jean Lucas
#28 K&F p...    FaLM p9      C154 p38, 39 Émotion Ferrari p43    166 MB p41
1950/jul/23 1st OA
1st S2.0
12h Paris, Montlhery Luigi Chinetti /
Jean Lucas
#16 Tipo166 p134, 135              SuR p35 Émotion Ferrari p45 (identified as 0054M)
1950/aug/20 dnf Nuerburgring, GP support race Giovanni Bracco #8 F47-97 p125
1950/aug/26 2nd OA
2nd S2.0
Daily Express Trophy, Silverstone
Production Sports 2000
Dorino Serafini #37 V12SC p...
TES                 C154 p43
Note: Ascari's car had no hood scoop Falb2 p15 & p18
FEO p180
FIC p15
1950/oct/01 1st IC Monthlery speed attempts  Luigi Chinetti C154 p42
1951/sep/29 8th Goodwood September Bobbie Baird #76  
1952 - T.A.S.O. Mathieson, GB ... Repainted green
1952/jun/29 6th OA
1st S+2.0
Targa Florio T.A.S.O. Mathieson #40 C154 p46      FEO p407
1953/jun/29 dnf VI. GP dell'Autodromo, Monza Emilio Wartenweiler #30 Monza p9
1953 - Gastone Crepaldi, Milano, I via Scuderia della Guastalla "MI 223796"
1954/mar/18 - engine converted to 195 specs  
1954/jul/02 - Giuseppe Pedone, Lonigo, I "VI 28035"
1955/jan/02 - Oreste Mantovani, Varese, I "VA 43235" 
1955/jan/27 dnf
Critérium International de Vitesse d'Agadir Oreste Mantovani #20  
1955/mar/13 11th OA
2h Dakar, GP Sport del Senegal Oreste Mantovani #28  
1955/jan/29 - engine converted back to 166 specs by factory  
1955/apr/30 dns
Mille Miglia Oreste Mantovani /
P. Garbarini
#649 Red Arrows p248
1955/may/28-29 8th OA
1st S2.0
12h d'Hyères Oreste Mantovani / Desmazes #12 Émotion Ferrari p126             C158 p4
1956/may/20 14th OA
7th IC
GP de Frontières, Chimay Oreste Mantovani #34 C158 p3
1958/mar/04 - Aldo Sonvico, Lugano, CH  
1958/oct/26 - L. Baré & M. Hans, Geneva, CH  
1959/oct - Chinetti Motors, NY, NY, USA  
1959 - Tip Grover, CA, USA  
1959 - Rege Lee Litton, Scottsdale, AZ, USA  
19.. - unfortunately, the vehicle was left unattended during Mr. Litton's ownership, and currently is in need of major restoration  
20002 - inherited by Litton's daughter, Lynn K. Wilcox, Tuscon, AZ ,USA
2004/oct/08 - e-mail to from Michael John Subhan:

Dear Sir:

We are currently in possesion of a Ferrari Barchetta 166M/50.
The vehicle is currenly owned by a Mrs. Lynn K. Wilcox of Tucson, Arizona. She acquired the vehicle from her recently deceased father Mr. Rege Lee Litton.
While we have documentation on the vehicle, we are still trying to peice together its background.  Unfortunately, the vehicle was left unatended during Mr. litton's ownership, and currently is need of major restoration.
If you can direct us as to how to find out more about the vehicle including how to value such vehicle it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Michael John Subhan


2005/aug/15 - Manny del Arroz, Diablo, CA, USA C154 p37-49
2007/jan/26-28 Preservation Cup XVI. Cavallino Classic Manny del Arroz C158 p40
2007/aug/19 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class L-2 Manny del Arroz C161 p20
2008/dec - Jaroslaw Pawluk, PL (D) via Klaus Werner - paid ~ €3.5mio +
2009/jun/29-30 Modena Motorsport Trackdays, Nuerburgring Jaroslaw Pawluk
2013/jul/30-31 Best of Show Comp. Modena Motorsport Trackdays, Spa, Concours Jaroslaw Pawluk C197 p44
2016/...  - Pohl, D  




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