0048M 50
Ferrari 166 MM Touring Berlinetta LM, LHD
large headlight rings, flash lights have direct contact with headlight rings, no horn covers
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
50/jul/13 - Angelo Biemi, Iseo, I "BS 32118"
Orsini-Zagari-Milanta p348
51/mar/10 - Luciano Masseroni, Milano, I "MI 167105"
51/apr/28-29 21th OA
Mille Miglia Luciano Masseroni /
Riccardo Vignolo
#343 Tipo166 p16
LFMM p147

CA102 p6
Red Arrows p62, 208
51/sep/21 - Franco Cornacchia (dealer), Milano, I  
51/oct/09 - Ferdinando Meomartini, Milano, I  
51/nov/17 - Beatrice Palan, Santa Margherita Ligure, I "GE 58530"
52/mar/06 - Bruno Moroni, Milano, I "MI 187705"
52/may/03-04 dnf
Mille Miglia Bruno Moroni /
Arteno Carta
#530 Red Arrows p80, 218
52/jun/15 3rd IC Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Pietro Moroni
52/aug/17 5th OA
1st GT
Trullo d'Oro Bruno Moroni
52/aug/23-24 3rd OA I. 10h di Messina (Notturna Messinese) Moroni #1 BdN p33
52/sep/07 4th OA
1st S2.0
Coppa InterEuropa, Monza Giulio Musitelli #68  
52/sep/12 - Ferruccio Musitelli, Bergamo, I "BG 25748"
52/sep/13 1st Monza
Giulio Musitelli 1st Supercortemaggiore Merona was in 1953
52/oct/11-12 1st IC Bologna - Raticosa Hillclimb Giulio Musitelli    
53/apr/12 8th OA
1st S2.0
Giro di Sicilia Giulio Musitelli / Ferruccio Musitelli #419 Fondi p85
53/apr/25-26 dnf
Mille Miglia Giulio Musitelli / Ferruccio Musitelli #515 Red Arrows p230
53/sep/13 1st OA
1st S2.0
Coppa InterEuropa, Monza
Giulio Musitelli #24 "FEO p348"
54/jun/13 2nd Circuito di Caserta Giulio Musitelli or 0262M?
55/feb/19 - Adolfo Macchieraldo, Torino, I paid 800.000,-Lit "TO 181612"
55 - Marcel Willemin, Genève, CH "GE 27244"
55/may/08 4th S2.6 GP des Voitures de Serie Tourisme et Sport,
Marcel Willemin #20
55/sep/25   Mitholz-Kandersteg Hillclimb Marcel Willemin #88  
55/oct/23   Verbois Hillclimb Marcel Willemin #29  
56 or 57 - Edgard Jeanmairet, Genève, CH "GE 31372"
56/may/19 1st IC Verbois Hillclimb Edgard Jeanmairet   FY57
60‘s - Jean Zanchi, Lutry, CH  
7?-98? - Pierre de Siebenthal, Goumoens-la-Ville, CH (kept in his junkyard; completely dismantled, in need of virtually everything)  
.. - Siebenthal, CH  
95 - Emilio Comelli, Brescia, I  
97 - Mario Linke‘s Methusalem Automobilrestauration, Koeln, D requires restoration  
99 - Friedhelm Loh, Haiger, D  
00/aug/18 - Klaus Troche, D  
21/jul/04 Concorso di Modena “AP 14386”




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