0014M 49
Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta, RHD
Engine 0012M
Short bonnet, flat air scoop on bonnet
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
49/may/27 - Gouvin, Brussels, B  
49 - Hans Roosdorp, NL "267645"
FY51 light color
49/jul/10-11 8th OA
5th S2.0
24h Spa Herman Roosdorp / Adolf de Ritter #40 166MB p38
C183 p7
50/may/18 4th OA GP Luxembourg Herman Roosdorp  
50/jun/11 1st OA National Zandvoort Herman Roosdorp #27  
50/jul/23 3rd OA
2nd S2.0
12h Paris,
Hermann Roosdorp /
Teddy Pilette
#18 Tipo166 p134 EF p28
SuR p35 Émotion Ferrari p45
50/sep/10 10th OA Rallye Sambre et Meuse Herman Roosdorp
51/jun/03 13th OA
13th S2.0
Int. ADAC-Eifelrennen, Nuerburgring
Sports 2000
Herman Roosdorp #12
51 - Valdemar Stener, S raced as barchetta in 51-52 with three stripes painted across the bonnet (fender to fender) info by Kare Pietila

The fact that Tore Bjurstrom bought a 166MM Touring Barchetta from Roosdorp at the Nurburgring 1950, strongly suggests that this car later raced by Valdemar Stener, Bengt Jonsson and John Bengtson would have been 0014M with engine 0012M.

Bjurstrom also bought a dry-sump competition engine of type 166/F2 with  5-speed tranny, which was installed into the car to make it more competitive. The other engine was used on Bertil Lundberg's BMW 328-based BLG-Special - seems they were switching engines all the time from car to car. C68 p16
52 1st Ljusdal Valdemar Stener    
52 1st Bergsåker Valdemar Stener    
52/mar/09 1st Lake Varpen
Varpenloppet S+1.5
Valdemar Stener #23  
52 1st Edsbyn Valdemar Stener    
52/may/11 1st Helsinki GP
Valdemar Stener #12  
52/may/25 ...
Int. ADAC-Eifelrennen, Nuerburgring
Sports 2000
Valdemar Stener #7  
52/aug/03 6th OA
6th S2.0
XV. GP von Deutschland
Nuerburgring 2.0
Valdemar Stener #12  
53/mar/08 dns Lake Varpen
Varpenloppet S+1.5
Valdemar Stener    
53/may/10 1st OA
1st 2.0
Helsinki GP,
Valdemar Stener #45  
53/sep/13 2nd OA
2nd PS+1.5
Skarpnäck Airfield Olle Persson #4  
54 1st Skarpnäcksloppet
Skarpnäck Airfield
Mas-Olle Persson    
54/may/09 8th OA
Helsinki GP
John Bengtson #15  
Rented for the race for 2000 Skr
4th OA
John Bengtson #41  
54/oct/03 8th OA Karlskoga Kanonloppet
Production 3.5
Olle Persson    
55/may/08 dnf
11th OA
4th S2.0
Helsinki GP
Production Sports Cars
Bengt Jonsson #3  
55 - also raced by Joakim Bonnier and some other drivers with no further success  
57 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA - for 10,000 SEK, with both engines  
73 Le Mans Cinquantenaire Luigi Chinetti #22 AMS 19/73 p190
9. - $200,000 - engine/ 5-speed trans only offered from Will Haible C62 p15
90/nov - $225,000 - only engine by EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA  
92 - Luigi Chinetti, displayed at Musée Automobile de la Sarthe FSN
95/feb/10-19 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F
98/oct/01-11 - displayed at Paris Salon
99/feb/12-21 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F



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