Ferrari 166 MM

0010M 1949
Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta, RHD
Engine 0008M 
Short bonnet, flat air scoop on bonnet, leather straps, two slots on bonnet
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1949 - Scuderia Ferrari
1949/apr/24 2nd OA
2nd S+1.1
Mille Miglia Felice Bonetto /
#641 FEO p95, 129 
C183 p7
1949/apr/24 dnf
Mille Miglia Piero Taruffi /
Sergio Nicolini
#642 "BO 8048"
MMUCI p162        Red Arrows p35, 200 (identified as 0012M)    Tipo166 p35, 122, 129  
FEO p95 Taruffi p137
1949 - Luigi Chinetti, Paris, F (NY, NY, USA)  
accident white
House Curve

laps 53 / 235
24h Le Mans Jean Lucas /
(Pierre Louis Dreyfus)
#23 FaLM p6
1949/jul/09-10 1st OA
1st S2.0
24h Spa Luigi Chinetti /
Jean Lucas
#20 C44 p30, 31 Émotion Ferrari p31 166MB p32 FEO p114
1949/aug/07 dsq
8th OA
laps 42 / 46
GP Automobile Club France,
Luigi Chinetti /
Lord Selsdon
#5 Tipo166 p132
1950 - James Kimberly, Chicago, IL, USA (his 1st Ferrari)  
1950       #30 FY50
1950apr/16 1st ? Palm Springs Jim Kimberly    
1950   South Bend Jim Kimberly    
1950/jun/10 2nd OA
Bridgehampton Sports Car Road Races,
race 2
Jim Kimberly #12 Finn p46
1950/jun/10 4th OA
2nd E
Bridgehampton Sports Car Road Races,
race 6
Jim Kimberly #12  
1950/jun/17 1st OA
1st S+1.5
Studebaker Proving Grounds
Jim Kimberly #1
1950/jul/23 1st OA
1st S+1.5
Elkhart Lake
Jim Kimberly #20  
1950/sep/23 4th OA
1st E
International Sports Car GP Watkins Glen Jim Kimberly #26  
2nd OA
1st S2.0
6h Sebring
Sam Collier Memorial race
Jim Kimberly /
Marshall Lewis
#55 FA20 p53
Sebring p19
Note: Marshall Lewis was maintaining Kimberly’s cars
1951/apr/01 1st OA
1st S3.0
Palm Springs
Marshall Lewis #25 C44 p22
1951/may/26 6th OA Del Monte Handicap race, Monterey Peninsula Jim Kimberly #20
1951/may/27 6th OA
SCCA National Handicap
Pebble Beach
Jim Kimberly #20  
27th OA
1st S3.0
Pebble Beach Cup, Monterey Peninsula Jim Kimberly #20 Falb2 p19
C44 p26, 27
crashed in 3rd position
1952 - James Simpson, USA - repainted yellow
1952/mar/08 3rd OA
3rd Class 3
6h Vero Beach James Simpson /
George Colby
1952/mar/15 dnf
1st Annual
12h Sebring
James Simpson /
George Colby
1952/may/24 13th OA
5th 4M
Bridgehampton Sports Car Road Races,
Cup race
Modified +1.5
James Simpson #10 Finn p113
1952/aug/03 dna Janesville
James Simpson #15
1952/sep/06 dna Elkhart Lake
James Simpson #45  
1952/sep/07 dnf
Class 4
200 mile Elkhart Lake
James Simpson #45  
1952/oct/26 dnf
Class 2M
Sowega National Sports Car Races,
Turner AFB
4h Turner
James Simpson #57
1953/jul/05 2nd IC  National Sports Car Races,
Offutt AFB,
race 4
James Simpson #90 most likely an OSCA
1953 - Edmund P. Lunken, Cincinnati, OH, USA - paid $300.- (also see 0054M)
195. - Denver B. Cornett, Louisville, KY, USA  
1954/may/30 26th OA
SCCA Reginal Atterbury AFB,
race 4
Denver Cornett #7  
1955 - Bob Fergus, OH, USA   
1957/aug - offered by Gunnard Rubini, Toledo, OH, USA:

"1949 Ferrari 2.0 liter V 12 roadster, three carbs, five speed, spares including hard top and windscreen, Not raced since complete rebuild. Reputed to be 1949 LM winner $3195."

196. - Dr. Butt, FL, USA  
196. - Ed Jurist, Nyack, N.Y., USA (Vintage Car Store)  
1967 - Carl Bross, Detroit, MI, USA  
1968 - Jerry Riegel, USA ... together with engine 0010M  
19.. - Bailey, SC, USA via Ed Jurist  
1978 - International Motorcars Corp., Jackson, Mississippi, USA
.19. - Darrel Greenamyer, Reno, NV, USA  
1981/jun - offered by Greenamyer for PDS 35.000.- T&CC 6/81 p93
198. - Warren Sankey, SF, CA, USA (stamp dealer)  
198. - completely restored 
1984 1st IC Hillsborough Concours, comp. class Warren Sankey
1984/aug/23 1st International Ferrari Concours Monterey, class A-D Warren Sankey
1984/aug/25-26 5th Monterey Historic Races Warren Sankey #22 CaS 12/84 p63
1984/aug/26 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, Ferrari class Warren Sankey
1984 Best in show Santa Barbara Race Car show Warren Sankey
1986/apr - George Jewett, San Mateo, CA, USA FW4/89
1986/may/01   Mille Miglia  Jewett /
1987/may/23 Mille Miglia Jewett /
#114 "WON SPA (CA)"        C44 p28
1987/aug Monterey Historic Races George Jewett
1988/may/05-08 Mille Miglia  Jewett /
#102 C40 p34
MM88 p65
1988 - displayed at Emilia-Romagna Concours d'Elegance, SF, CA, USA
1989/aug/14 166 MM Barchetta Reunion, Monterey George Jewett C54 p26
1990/jan/18-21 - NS - Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction - highbid $1,2mio
1990/jun - Albert Obrist, Gstaad, CH  
1996/aug/18 - Christie's Pebble Beach auction
Sold $1,67mio
CaS 7/96 p...
1996/aug/18 - J&M, LLC C117 p40-46
1997/aug/04 Best Race Ferrari Meadow Brook Concours, Rochester Jon Shirley C102 p16
1997/sep/15-20 Colorado Grand Jon & Mary Shirley #83 C103 p46
1999/may/26-30 Coppa Bella Macchina FCA Annual Meeting, Atlanta Jon & Mary Shirley
1999/aug/29 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-1 Jon & Mary Shirley C114 p10
1999/aug/29 Luigi Chinetti Memorial Trophy Pebble Beach Concours Jon & Mary Shirley
1999/sep Award Luois Vuitton Classic, NY Jon & Mary Shirley C115 p14
2000/jan/21 8th Ferrari Historic Challenge, Moroso Park race 1 Jon Shirley #20 C116 p67
2000/jan/22 Best of show IX. Cavallino Classic Jon Shirley    C116 p41
2000/jan/22 Platinum IX. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Jon Shirley  
2004/may/06-09 Mille Miglia Shirley/Shirley #295
2005/aug/19-21 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Jon Shirley #20
2006/jan/19-22 XV. Cavallino Classic Jon & Mary Shirley C152 p42
2006/aug/20 display Pebble Beach Concours, class R Jon & Mary Shirley
2006/aug/20 Art Center Design Award Pebble Beach Concours Jon & Mary Shirley
2007/jan/26-28 XVI. Cavallino Classic Jon Shirley
2009/aug/14-15 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Jon Shirley #20
2009/aug/16 display Pebble Beach Concours, class M-1 Jon & Mary Shirley
2014/sep/05-07   Hampton Court Palace Concours of Elegance Jon Shirley    
2015/aug/13 Class M3 Pebble Beach Tour d´Elegance Jon Shirley M3-01  
2015/aug/15 Class M3 Pebble Beach Concours d´Elegance Jon Shirley M3-01  
2016/jan/23   Cavallino Classic Jon Shirley    
2019/sep/06   Concours of Elegance Hampton Court Jon Shirley    
2019/sep/11   Celebration Tour for Touring Bodied Ferraris Jon Shirley    



According to Red Arrows, this was 0010M:



1949/apr/24 dnf Mille Miglia Felice Bonetto /
Pasquale Cassani
#641 Red Arrows p34
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