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November 7, Jerez de la Frontera, very fine weather: The city, the home and heartland of Sherry, was invaded by 82 classic cars which came from all around the world ( 22 countries ) to enjoy of the rays of sunshine before the winter. The tidings were not good as flooding could be clearly seen from the previous weeks intensive rainfall. The weather had some surprise in store, as we were to experience a tornado, sleet. monsoon quality rain, ice snow and finally sun again. During the next five days the caravan of classic automobiles drove through some of the most beautiful countryside and coastlines of Andalusia, experiencing its past culture and traditions, and some excellent food specific to the region.

The grid including 19 brands and numerous models of cars had never been so varied in the two previous years. Fine-sounding models like Alfa Romeo 33/2 Daytona (s/n AR 75033015), Ford GT 40, two Porsche 910, Aston Martin DB 3S (s/n 11) and DB 3S Coupe (s/n 120), AC Cobra, Ferrari 166 MM (s/n 0040M)and 225 S (s/n 0172 ET), Jaguar XK 150 and E-types gathered amongst others on the starting line of this third "Tour de Espana."

More than 150 applications have been received from around the world, but only 82 selected crews took part of this Andalusian tour from 7 to 11 November.

The grid were splitted into two sections as in previous years:

Competition Section: three racetracks (Jerez, Tabernas and Guadix) and ten road special stages with different degrees of difficulty must been driven in the quickest possible time - nothing for slowpokes! Sport Section: in this class the most clever and consistently team will win the trophy.

Wednesday 7 November: Jerez - Cadix
After the administrations affairs in the morning and the following Scruteneering in the palm fringed "Parque Goyales Hontoria" of Jerez with 28° Celsius the cars started to the racetrack which is in the outskirts of the city. Here at Jerez the GT 40 of Chiles and Mountford dominated the whole grid and won the race with the Porsche of Connor/Sullivan in 2nd place. In the Sport Section the two girl team Milojkovic/Ljubisavljevic in the Porsche 911 RS were the only competitors to score a zero driving in agreement and precision. The superb Alfa Romeo 33/2 Daytona of Franco Meiners suffered a small technical problem and retired. The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competition (s/n 14407) of John Bosch (Holland) could not start suffering a gear box problem - so he got a lot of penalty time. This situation dropped him into the last place, a position from which the crew never fully recovered. By the end of the day, the cars drove down to Cadix, built on a peninsular island. The port of Cadix has open squares, sailors, alleyways and high turreted houses. It also has a great atmosphere slightly seedy, definitive in decline but full of mystique. Ist annual carnival in February is considered to be the best and wildest in Spain. The dinner party was even held at the Royal Tobacco Manufacture.

Thursday 8 November: Cadix - Antequera - Malaga
The second day has three road special stages on the program. "Alcala de los Gazules" (SS1=9,5kms), followed by "Ubrique" (SS2=6,1kms) and the famous "El Chorro" (SS3=6,2kms). Once in the hills and mountains the 1st of the breathtaking views was experienced. Driving to the Ubrique stage the road corkscrewed around the mountainside until the snow white vista of Ubrique was clearly visible, spreading along the valley of the Rio Ubique with the daunting knife-edge crag of the "Cruz de Tajo" rearing up and dominating. The lunch was given at the Parador in Antequera during all the classic cars were concisely and geometrically parked inside the "Plaza de Toros" - the famous bullring of Antequera. This location and also the weather were really outstanding so it was the photographers paradise. The rally then headed 40km to Malaga, the smallest of Andalucia´s eight provinces and its most populous. The day ended with a dinner party at the "Parador del Golf" Malaga where Carlos Monteverde (BR) and David Franklin (GB) received congratulations driving their Jaguar E-type and also the Ford GT 40 crew which set the fastest time followed closely by the track prepared Ferrari 308 Gr. 4 Michelotto of Entremont/Entremont.

Friday 9 November: Malaga- Motril - Roquetas de Mar
The third day has also three road special stages on the program. "Casabermeja" (SS4=25kms !) followed by "Rigordo" (SS5=5kms) and finally "Motril" (SS6=5kms).The caravan passed near Colemar, another brilliant white hill town, a center of honey Production thanks to the rich variety of plants and shrubs. A stop at Motril consisted of a typical Spanish Paella concoction which the competitors ate outside underneath temporary white awnings, as the first drops of rain splashed down - a clear warning of what lay ahead. The day ended nearly in a disaster: a middling tornado supported by very heavy rain showers and cold temperatures came up and brought us a negative surprise. The dinner party under the Moroccan "jaima" on the beach was cancelled but the organizers found an alternative dry and warm place to serve the dinner. The silver coloured Jaguar E-type of Monteverde/Franklin headed the results with the GT 40 (Chiles/Mountford) following closely, and keeping them very much in their sights with closely related performances on the stages. In the Sport Section , the Porsche 911 S (Bohrer/Giminez) led, closely followed by the Mercedes 300 SL driven by Raposo/Raposo and the well driven Cobra 4,7 of Walduck/Mc Swan in third.

Saturday 10 November: Roquetas de Mar - Cordoba
The fourth day had two racetracks and one road special stage on the program. The convoy started early in the morning and arrived at the "Circuit of Tabernas" - a great experience with a series of connected corners and with long and fast sweeping bends. John Bosch´s enthusiasm wasn't broken so he won the race in his Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Comp.(s/n 14407). Reveled in a great linked series of power slides and definitively was the master of his Daytona and similar Chiles showed everyone how the slightly more nimble GT 40 could perform. It was a great driving display with Sullivan (Porsche 911) and Franklin (E-type) demonstrating equally impressive driving skills. The official route to the second racetrack of the day must be changed because of snow and lousy temperatures in the "Sierra de los Filabres", so the cars arrived at the racetrack of "Guadix" from the South. At Guadix circuit the HWM Ferrari team of Pozner and Aarons (Ferrari 275 GTB, s/n 09737) scored its first zero together with Walduck (Cobra) and the Belgian Ferrari team Verbeeck/Van Looy (Ferrari 275 GTB, s/n 07651) and also another Ferrari team of Argentinean Sucari (s/n 10525), who won the Tour Auto 2001 in the Sport Section. The Ford GT 40 crew won the race in a superb performance followed by Daytona racer John Bosch, who never gave up. "Guadix" is a nice track with long straights in combination with fast curves and a spectacular chicane at the end of the start and finish line - the competitors enjoyed the track in the sunshine but cold temperatures. The Ford GT 40 loved these circumstances and won the race in front of two Ferraris, and an American entered Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2,7 litre. After having a delicious lunch the competitors left Guadix to reach "Los Frailes (SS7-9kms). The long stage completed, the rally headed once again for Cordoba and dinner at the Parador de Cordoba. At the end of the penultimate day the GT 40 was still in the lead challenged by David Franklin (E-type). The Sport Section showed Bohrer and Gimenez (Porsche 911S)

Sunday 11 November: Cordoba - Cordoba
The final day saw three route special stages. "Trassierra" (SS8=11,5kms), located only a few kms outside the city of Cordoba, was a very steep and narrow route winding up to the top. From time to time Cordoba could been seen disappearing in the valley - a very scenic part of Andalusia. The following two special stages "Los Arenales" (SS9-9,4kms) and "Villaviciosa" (SS10-6kms) were located in a very wooded area and the cars had to pass very stony routes before a delicious lunch was served at a "Cortijo" where a young bull tested the agility and quick reflexes of several young matadors as they skillfully avoided the noms of the charging charger with their lightening reactions as competitors looked on under a warm sun and sipped chilled champagne. The last hundred kilometres back to Cordoba have been completed very quick and so the remaining 64 cars (which is a total of 78%) reunited in the parc ferme in the center of Cordoba welcomed by hundreds of Spanish classic car enthusiasts. A visit to the Mezsquita was optional that evening, the grandest and most beautiful mosque ever constructed by the Moors. Finally the events finished in Cordoba, a city of considerable charm, trickling fountains and a profusion of flowers, and a shady oasis of small squares. The final dinner party and prize giving was presented by the Deputation of Cordoba at the "Cercle de l´Amitie, a grand imposing empire era building of ornate marble and glittering chandeliers.

Resume´: The " Tour de Espana" 2001 was a remarkable event in the classic car calendar: congratulation and thanks to all who helped to make it possible, in particular: The "Federation Andaluza de Automovolismo", Patrick and Silviane Peter (Paris) and their crew, Carlos de Miguel and the large number of stewards. The fourth version of the "Tour de Espana" will be held in mid of October 2002.

Helmut Schnug / Classics in Camera

Overall classification :

Competition section:

1. Chiles / Mountford

Ford GT 40 1h37min19sec

2. Entremont / Entremont

Ferrari 308 GTB Gr. 4 1h38min09sec

3. Monteverde / Franklin

Jaguar E-type 1h44min59sec

4. Ruela / Silveira

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Conv. 1h45min23sec

5. De Siebenthal / Roux

Aston Martin DB4 1h45min.32sec

6. Lecou / Lecou

Jaguar E-type 1h46min10sec

7. Sage / Janou

Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berl 1h48min08sec

8. Tyzack / Flood

TVR Griffith 1h49min47sec

9. Machoir / Jaquinet

Alfa Romeo Montreal 1h50min14sec

10. Cruz / Oliveira

Porsche 914/6 GT 1h50min18sec

11. Koel / Koel

Ferrari 275 GBT/C 1h51min33sec

12. Beaumartin / Cazalieres

Ferrari 225 S 1h51min33sec

14. Cottingham / Cottingham

Ferrari 275 GTB 1h54min51sec

20. Noblet / Lancksweert

Ferrari 250 GT/L 2h00min16sec

21. Dudley / Dudley

Ferrari 166 / 195 S 2h00min18sec

22. Bosch / Bosch

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Comp. 2h00min34sec

24. Mason-Styrron

Ferrari 166 MM 2h05min28sec

Sport Section:

1. Bohrer / Ruiz Gimenez

Porsche 911S 190 points

2. Marchesi / Stringhini

Ferrari 365GTB / BB 300

3. San Miguel / De Gonzales

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2000 340

4. Raposo De M. / Raposo De M.

Mercedes Benz 300 SL 360

5. Jorgens / Jorgens

Porsche 911 Carrera 2,7 380

6. Verbeeck / Van Looy

Ferrari 275 GTB 410

7. Thevenet / Picasso

Lancia B 24 430

8. Pasold / Rochat

Austin Healey 3000 460

9. Collin / Briones

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2000 490

10. Izquierdo / Del Rio

Porsche 911 S 510

13. Pozner / Aarons

Ferrari 275 GTB 590

14. Cadiou / Cadiou

Ferrari 365 GTB / BB 600

16. Roemmers / Manso

Ferrari 275 GTB 770

18. Macaya / Tbc

Ferrari 275 GT 1210

20. Ribadeneira / Ribadeneira

Ferrari 275 GTB 1230

22. Albuquerque / Albuquerque

Ferrari 250 GT SWB 1710

27. Seruya / Abelassis

Ferrari 275 GTB 3010

32. Steuer / Cortes

Ferrari 275 GTB 5750

34. Sucari / Celada

Ferrari 275 GTB 6300

35. Haquette / Dhilly

Ferrari 275 GTB 6640

38. Ruela / Silvera Machado

Ferrari 275 GTB 14660

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The typical white coloured houses along the routes of the "Salobrena", 4 miles of Motril
Franco Meiners Alfa Romeo 33/2 Daytona
Porsche 910 of the French team J. M. Luco and M. E. Saule finished 11th overall
The rare Aston Martin DB 3S Coupe s/n 120 the first of three fixed head coupes was David Brown's personal car in 1958
Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe Vignale s/n 0071S
Ferrari 225 S s/n 0172GT raced by Xavier Beaumartin at the circuit of Guadix
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione Series I in the bull fight arena of Antequera
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta s/n 2165GT
Sally and Dudley Mason-Styrron at the start at Jerez with Ferrari 166 MM s/n 0040M
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta s/n 2165GT
Anthony Pozner and D Aarons in Ferrari 275 GTB/4 s/n 9737
The suberb Alfa Romeo 33/2 Daytona of Franco Meiners was plaqued by technical problems
Ferrari 250 GT/L s/n 5915
A superb Lamborghini P400 s/n 01333 of Jean Paul Henriques