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Cernobbio, 23rd - 25th of May

Last weekend in May saw this year’s edition of the most famous Concours d´Elegance in Europe, the prestigious Concorso d´Eleganza in the Grand Hotel Villa D´Este at the shores of Lake Como.

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First held in 1929 the Coppa d´Oro Best of Show award was the top honour for the coachbuilder of that era, when wealthy gentlemen brought their chassis directly from the manufacturers to the designers of names like Pinin Farina, Touring in Italy or Saoutchik, Figoni&Falaschi or Gangloff in France to get a one-off individual car or a small series model. With this variety of designs and different body styles (Sedanca de Ville, Convertible, Saloon, Coupé...) concours d´elegance where very popular in this era enabling the designers to show their latest idea to an interested clientel in an appropriate ambience apart from the car shows in the exhibition centres of Paris, London or New York. Few locations were more suitable than the gardens of the Villa D´Este where the wealthy owners could enjoy a few days away from daily routine among like-minded just like today in the modern interpretation of this concours as a classic car event.

With the end of the coach build era also the era of the concours came to an end, less and less individual designs were produced entering the post-war mass production with in house designs.

Early in the 1980s the Concours was reinvented in the current form as a high profile classic car show, since more than a decade now under the patronage of the BMW Group as normally events like this can only survive with a strong partner and financial background.

The concours is separated in three days starting with the arrival of the cars and their technical inspection by the FIFA stewards on Friday. This year saw a rainy first day, those coming from the north even saw some snow at the Gotthard and the weather forecast did not sound to good for the following days, fortunately the two main days proved it wrong with dry weather and even a lot of sunshine. 51 cars did receive one of the desired invitations for this year’s show, a small number compared to the big American shows due to the limitation in space especially in the gardens of the grand hotel where they are presented on Saturday on the owners and guests day before being shown on Sunday to the public in the nearby Villa Erba. Nine different classes ranging from the pre-war era to the race cars of the 1960s and special classes dedicated to the round anniversary of Maserati and Rolls-Royce meant rather small classes with hand-picked cars ensuring a very high quality of the entries.

Report & Images ... Peter&Wolfgang Singhof

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