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Padova, 24-27 October 2013

The 30th edition of the Auto e Moto d’Epoca classic car show was held in Padova’s Fiera exhibition complex from 24-27 October. The show occupied eleven halls, plus large outside vendor areas, with the total number of exhibitors topping the 1600 mark, displaying or selling virtually everything one could conceivably think of related to the automobile or motorcycle. The weather for the outside vendors was much more clement than in 2012, as after some light rain on the Thursday morning the rest of the weekend was predominantly bright and sunny with (for late October) high ambient temperatures.

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Every year you never cease to be amazed by the variety of vehicles on display, by both vendors and car clubs, not only the age span, but also the rarity of some of the cars, with a number of unique examples of particular models being one of the highlights of this edition. This was not only to be found in a special exhibition by the Automobile Club Italia Storico, of four uniquely bodied examples of two Lancias, an OSCA and an Alfa Romeo, but on other smaller stands around the exhibition and in the vendor areas. One-off Fiat 1100s seemed to be the flavour of the show, with an Allemano bodied 1954 Fiat 1100 Cabriolet, a Fiat 1100 Coupe by Pinin Farina, and a 1953 1100 Coupe by Savio of Torini, whilst at the more modern end of the spectrum there was a De Tomaso Longchamp Spider by Pavesi and a Porsche 959 Cabriolet. If you wanted something unique (fortunately) and completely outrageous, how about the wild metallic purple and silver Mercedes-Benz 320 CE based confection, bearing the name Muffato, in one of the vendor halls, or an Alfa Romeo based MCA Carlo Chiti, so named in honour of the legendary designer.

The variety also encompassed everything from “barn find” examples, like a very rare Alfa Romeo R4L (a Renault R4L built under licence), a Nardi-BMW 750, a Graber bodied Alfa Romeo 6C 2500, a Lancia Ardea Tassi Roma and even an early Lambretta LD motor scooter, to pristine examples of iconic Italian marques like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. In fact all three of these marques were well represented, Ferrari in particular with an expansive display by the Museo Ferrari, comprising of supercars and F1 cars, together with a F1 simulator for added interest. The Lamborghini Club Italia had a large display celebrating the company’s 50th anniversary, including a 350 GT, Miura, Urraco, Contach and a Gallardo Super Trofeo. Maserati Classiche had a nice display, which included a 6CM monoposto, an elegant silver 3500 GT Spider and a bright yellow Ghibli, together with the latest addition to the current range and the latest incarnation of the Ghibli name.

Three major German manufacturers also had large stands, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, all displaying historically significant models together with examples of their current range. In the case of Audi, it was 80 and A4 racing saloons together with a R18 TDI sports prototype, plus a R8 and a R8 GT3 representing their current range, whilst BMWs display included an immaculate black 328 and the Zagato bodied Z4 Coupe, and Mercedes-Benz had a quintet of classics, including a SSK and a 220 SE rally car. Peugeot represented France with the new 208 GTI, together with the original classic 205 GTI and the adrenalin pumping T16 variant that took the fight to Renault’s mid-engine R5 Turbo, of which there were also a couple of examples on display around the halls.

It is not every day that one comes across an Amphicar, but there were two at the show, similarly Ferrari 400i cabriolet conversions are another rarity, and again there was a pair of these in the vendor areas, then if Americana is your thing, there was a Slovenia registered 1928 Studebaker President Eight, a 1935 Pierce Arrow 1245 Sedan, a 1966 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible and a Ford Mustang. Then there were rally cars like a selection of the Alpine A110 series, Lancia Delta HF Integrales and 037s, an Opel Kadett GTE and dust covered MGB. You could even start a restoration project with a BRM F1 body shell, which looked rather forlorn, and had apparently been either discarded or forgotten by the team after the Italian Grand Prix in the seventies, or if you wanted a complete monoposto there was Surtees TS 15/A F2 car. There was something to suit virtually every taste and wallet.

If your budget didn’t run to a complete car, then there were the numerous stands in the two halls dedicated to automobilia and memorabilia, where there was a vast selection of spare parts, brochures, books, scale models, and motoring related ephemera, ranging from classic oil cans to garage signs, with almost everything else along the way. If you’ve never visited this show, you should make a note of the 2014 date now, 23-26 October, and allow more than one day to enjoy it at a relaxed pace.
Ferrari Models on Display

Model Colour Chassis # Stand
GTO (288) Red/Black-Red 58329 Museo Ferrari
F40 Red/Red 77107 Museo Ferrari
F50 Red/Black-Red 106150 Museo
Ferrari Enzo (Pre-series) Red/Red Proto # 4 Museo Ferrari
126 C F1 Red 052 Museo Ferrari
F1-90 F1 Red 117 Museo Ferrari
F1-2000 F1 Red 202 Museo Ferrari
250 GT S2 PF Cabriolet Dark Red/Beige 2063GT AAVS
250 GT Lusso “Modificato”  Dark Red/Black 5591GT Circolo Patavino Storiche
330 GTC Red/Beige 9613 Best Auto
365 GT 2+2 Bronze Met’/Tan 13975 Best Auto
Dino 246 GTS Red.Beige 07070 Best Auto
208 Turbo Red/Beige 49833 Team Malucelli
360 Modena Red/Black 127313 Team Malucelli
458 Challenge White-Matt Black/Red 179359 Team Malucelli Mondial QV Red/Beige 50873 Special Car
GTB Turbo Red/Cream ? Special Car
F355 F1 Berlinetta Red/Black 114078 Trivellauto
Dino 246 GTS Yellow/Black 04450 Auto Classic
328 GTS White/White 65163 Auto Classic
275 GTS Yellow/Black 07487 Auto Speak
Pinin Silver/Tan  Auto Speak
250 GT S2 Cabriolet Dark Blue/Beige 1937GT Peter Wiesner
275 GTB Dark Red/Beige 08229 Peter Wiesner
365 GTB4 “Plexi” Red/Black 13493 Peter Wiesner
365 GTS4 Blue Met’/Black 15525 Peter Wiesner
365 GT4BB Yellow-Black/Black 18471 Peter Wiesner
456 GT Black/Grey 97419 Silvauto
Testarossa Red/Black 88888 Hobbycar Store
550 Maranello Dark Blue/Black 124681 Hobbycar Store
GTS Turbo Red/Black 77589 Marrocco Motorsport
365 GT4 2+2 Black/Beige 18347 Scarlopalli
Dino 246 GTS  Chassis & Body (US Version) Yellow-Bare Metal 06452 WWT Mondial 8 Red/Black 37629 EZ Electro Power Steering
GTS Turbo Red/Black 78759 Nuovo Grigoletto Enzo Red/Red ? Special Cars
512 BB Red/Black 19977 Ram Classic
F355 F1 Berlinetta Yellow/Black 112930 Autoclass
F355 GTS Red/Black 105643 Autofiera
328 GTS Red/Beige 66329 City Motors
308 GTB Grey Met’/Black 28701 Pellizzer
348 ts Red/Black 83964 Pellizzer
348 tb Black/Beige 91250 Pellizer
430 Spider Red/Tan 161006 Carclassic.com
400iA Cabriolet Conv’ Red/Black 44861 Private Vendor
550 Maranello Silver/Black 108565 Private Vendor
400iA Cabriolet Conv’ Silver/Grey 23495 Private Vendor
208 Turbo Red/Beige 43893 Private Vendor
612 Scaglietti Black/Tan 153417 Private Vendor
308 GTSi Red/Cream 38017 Private Vendor
348 ts Red/Black 94735 Private Vendor
208 GT4 Red/ ? Private Vendor
F40 “Modificato” Red/Red 91078 Private Vendor

Keith Bluemel