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Salzburg, May/June 31-06, 2010

This year's International Bugatti Meeting was held in Salzburg organized by the Austrian Bugatti Club. Every year another national club is entrusted with the organisation so 43 Bugatti headed for Austria this year. One year after the centenary meeting in Italy and with the fresh impressions of the Alfa Meeting at the same place the expectations were full of pleasant anticipation.

Unfortunately this year's meeting was a little bit ill-fated. The very bad weather forecast persuaded several crews to withdraw their entry and at least the first days did proof them right.

The remaining crews arrived on Monday in Salzburg in pouring rain and several cars trailered to Salzburg had problems to start due to wet ignition and carburettors. A huge puddle in front of the parking lot showed what to expect the following day. The hotel itself had the advantage of an underground parking lot and the nearby fairground where the cars could be parked safely for the following days. Although the hotel missed the charm of an hotel at the country the rain proofed it the right decision as parking the cars on an outdoor parking lot would have caused major problems for the service crew.

The first day of the rally was a tour around the nearby lakes Mondsee, Wolfgangsee, Fuschlsee and Attersee through a very beautiful countryside that unfortunately lay in clouds and rain the whole day. Some of the Grand Prix cars decided to stay in the hotel due to a missing top so the group was even smaller that day. Fortunately most of the cars are used to such a tour and well sorted out so there were no major problems. On other rallies there are usually more problems in these wet conditions but the Bugatti do not seem to be prone to electric failures in the wet.

At the lunch break at the Grundlsee the participants had a welcome possibility to get out of their rain suits and warm up with coffee. Although the heavy rain became less intense several cars took the short way back to the hotel so there were not many photos possible that day.

At the dinner the organisation had to announce the bad news that the next day had to be cancelled entirely. Initially the Wednesday was planned for the tour to the Großglockner intended to be the highlight of the meeting. The sudden change in the weather of the previous days brought about half a meter of new snow on the top of the Alpine pass at about 2600 m above sea level making the tour impossible that day. With a severe weather warning with flooded roads and debris flows in the Salzburg region the alternative program was not safe as well and so the participants had a day off. Most of them went to visit Salzburg but sightseeing in the birth-town of Mozart is also more fun in the dry.

Thursday morning started with a visit at the Hangar 7 at the Airport. The Hangar 7 hosts the plane collection of the flying bulls and some of the race cars of the Red Bull and Toro Rosso F1 stable. This impressive building made of steel and glass became a new landmark of Salzburg and is also famous for its kitchen. The visit to the Hangar was very entertaining and also gave one of the few opportunities to take a group shot of the cars as the parking lot in front of the hangar was reserved for the Bugatti.

The lunch break was planned at the nearby Gwandhaus but unfortunately some of the crews missed the road due to an surprising diversion so their arrival was delayed. Normally this would not be a problem but this day was planned in cooperation with the Gaisbergrennen that had its base at the nearby Schloss Hellbrunn. Part of the Gaisbergrennen is the town grand prix in Salzburg were the cars are escorted by the police to the old town before the start. With a very limited time slot the Bugatti had to be there in time so reportingly the lunch became some sort of “fast food”. Being a few minutes late on the Kapitelplatz the time to sort out the timing was very limited and at the designated time not every crew was with its car. Having a rather strict timetable the planned demo run of the Bugatti was rescheduled to the end of the town grand prix at 5.00 pm. As the course was running around the old town of Salzburg this meant that the Bugatti were trapped on the inside of the course making it impossible to leave for the planned tour to Bad Ischl that afternoon. With further timing problems the demo run was cancelled at the end as well and the journey ended at the hotel leaving some of the participants rather disappointed.

On Friday we had to leave for the Gaisbergrennen (a gallery on this will follow here later that week) so the Bugatti meeting was a little bit unlucky. As the weather improved on the next 2 days the intended tour to Kitzbühel on Saturday might have compensated some of the disappointments of the first days.

Conclusion: it became clear these days that every event, no matter how good or badly planned is addicted to the weather. In this special case it thwarted all the plans, with perfect sunshine the tour over the Großglockner might have been a highlight for years leaving everyone satisfied.

The next International meeting was planned in Sweden but due to the retreat of the Swedish Bugatti Club the meeting will be organised once more by 2fast4you, this time in Spain.

Text & Images Peter Singhof

Participating Bugattis
01 Bugatti T37 GP 1925 s/n BC023
02 Bugatti T57 Cabriolet Graber 1934 s/n 57394
03 Bugatti T57 Cabriolet Graber 1937 s/n 57483
04 Bugatti T37 GP 1927 s/n 37256
05 Bugatti T44 Grand Sport 1928 s/n 44417
06 Bugatti T51 GP 1936 s/n 51218
07 Bugatti T49 Cabriolet Gangloff 1933 s/n 49563
10 Bugatti T40 Roadster J.Bugatti 1928 s/n 40699
11 Bugatti T39 GP 1925 s/n 4604
12 Bugatti T35 B s/n BC021
14 Bugatti T43 Grand Sport 1926 s/n BC129
15 Bugatti T43 Grand Sport 1928 s/n 43275-R
16 Bugatti T44 Toastrack Tourer Carozzeria Catellan di Pordenone 1928 s/n 44746
17 Bugatti T44 Sport 2-seater 1927 s/n 44266
18 Bugatti T40 A Roadster J.Bugatti 1930 s/n 40848
20 Bugatti T57 Atalante 1936 s/n 57371
21 Bugatti T46 Roadster Ottin 1934 s/n 46501
24 Bugatti T40 Grand Sport 1926 s/n 40217
25 Bugatti T57 Cabriolet Stelvio Gangloff 1936 s/n 57366
26 Bugatti T43 A Roadster 1929 s/n 43236
27 Bugatti T43 Grand Sport 1928 s/n 43300
28 Bugatti T57 Carosserie Uhlik 1938 s/n 57615
29 Bugatti T40 s/n 40297
30 Bugatti T37 A GP 1926 s/n 37165
35 Bugatti T44 Cabriolet Gangloff 1929 s/n 44931
36 Bugatti T37/40 GP 1928
37 Bugatti T37 A GP 1927 s/n 37220
39 Bugatti T50 Million Guiet 1930 s/n 50113
40 Bugatti T57 C TT-R s/n 57476
44 Bugatti T57 Ventoux Gangloff 1938 s/n 57675
45 Bugatti T40 Grand Sport 1927 s/n 40347
46 Bugatti T44 Carosserie Frugier 1929 s/n 441125
48 Bugatti T57 Coach Ventoux 1938 s/n 57662
49 Bugatti T57 Coach Ventoux 1934 s/n 57204
50 Bugatti T37 GP 1926 s/n 37110
51 Bugatti EB 110 SS 1995 s/n ss018
51a Bugatti EB 110 GT s/n GT090
52 Bugatti T22 2-seater racer 1925 s/n 2651
53 Bugatti T50 C Le Mans 1931 s/n 50131
54 Bugatti T38/44 Sport 1926 s/n 38101
55 Bugatti T43/44 Roadster Uhlik 1929 s/n 43271
56 Bugatti T40 Grand Sport 1927 s/n 40736
57 Bugatti T49 s/n 49450