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 Geneva Classics, 2008
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Geneva Classics - the Swiss classics exhibition

Geneva, Switzerland, 03 – 05 October 2008

The third running of the Geneva Classics show, attracted a healthy size crowd to the main exhibition area held in Hall 7 of the Expo complex, adjacent to the international airport, part of whose apron was used to exhibit some of the historic aircraft on display. The show features predominantly classic cars, but there were also motorcycles, aircraft and boats to compliment the fine selection of automobiles on display.

The main exhibition feature of this year’s show, was a large and impressive display of cars from the museum of renowned Swiss collector Jean-Pierre Slavic. The collection comprises of sixty five cars, and is almost a study in red, mainly due to the twenty four Ferraris that were a key element of the display, although it must be said that they weren’t all red. Just inside the main entrance was a “taster” display of three cars, a Bugatti EB 110, a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and a Ford GT, with a sign pointing in the direction of the main display towards the other end of the hall. Here could be found the remainder of the Ferraris, including a F40 LM, a 333 SP and a 575 GTC, although unfortunately there were also, a few “replicas” or “re-creations”, depending on how charitable you want to be. There were also Porsches, a couple of Minis, Triumphs, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Jaguars forming part of the impressive display, with its black carpet and backdrop.

The BMW Classic display had a trio of the exotic M1 Procars courtesy of Christian Traber, the red with white circles BASF liveried example being particularly attractive. Carugati Automobiles displayed a Pagani Zonda, maybe what one might call a “modern classic”, which always attracts the younger element of the crowd, together with a Ferrari 333 SP sports racing car, a 250 GT Lusso and a 365 GT 2+2. There was also an attractive display of red and white Bugattis, entitled “Prestigieuses Bugatti Les Bugattis De Course Suisse”. Being in Switzerland, watch companies were well represented, Audemars Piguet sponsoring the main Slavic display, Chopard displaying a Ferrari 312 B3 F1 car, and Girard-Perregaux’s stand featured an Alpine A110 rally car and a Martini liveried Lancia 037. Aston Riviera Cars of Lausanne displayed a trio of Zagato bodied Aston Martins, whilst a truly international flavour was added by the presence of Gallery Abarth from Japan, with a wild Fiat 131 Abarth and the beautiful 1964 Alfa Romeo Canguro.

In case it is thought that there were predominantly “modern” classics on display, there were also a number of earlier cars, including a very nice 1948 Touring bodied Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport, plus pre-war gems from the likes of Alvis, Delahaye, Hispano Suiza, Mercedes Benz and Talbot Lago. Another couple of nice elements to the show were the collector car parking area in Hall 6, where enthusiasts had a free dedicated parking area for their cars, in which some rarities could be found including a Moretti Coupé, a DKW F12 Cabriolet, a Ford Falcon with boat on a trailer, and historic buses, and the historic aircraft display on the airport apron. The latter enabled visitors not only to see some interesting historic aircraft, but also to enjoy the beautiful autumn sunshine, watching the commercial flights landing and taking off in close proximity, with the snow capped peaks of The Alps as a backdrop.

David O’Neill

Ferraris on Display

Slavic Collection


Colour Chassis #

250 GT SWB Rec’

Silver/Blue “3539 GT”

250 GTO Rec’

Red/Black 2813 GT

250 LM Rec’

Red/Black “5149”

250 MM PF Berlinetta

Red/Beige 0310 MM

250 GT PF Coupé

Red/Beige 1409 GT

250 GT California SWB Rec’

Black/Black 6555

250 GT Lusso

Black/Black   5369 GT

275 GTB/4

Red/Black 10943

275 GTS/4 NART Rec’

Pale Yellow/Black 09603

Dino 246 GT

Red/Black ?

Dino 246 GTS

Red/Black ?

365 GTB/4

Red/Beige ?

365 GTS/4

Red/Black 16949

308 GTS

Red/Beige ?

512 BB

Red-Black/Black 33129

GTO (288)

Red-Black 54783

F40 LM

Red/Red 79891

512 TR

Red/Black ?

333 SP

Red/Black ?

575 M F1

Red/Tan 137622

575 GTC

Red/Black 2208


Red/Black ?

430 Scuderia

Red/Black ?

599 GTB Fiorano

Red/Black 150332


250 GT PF Coupé

Silver/Black 0435 GT

308 GTB Gr. 4

Red-Blue/Black 20373


250 GT Lusso

Grey Met’/Tan 5849 GT

365 GT 2+2

Bronze/Tan 13565

Dino 246 GT

Red/Tan 02402

333 SP

Red-White/Black 029

Graber Sportgarage AG

365 GT 2+2

Pale Blue Met’/Black 13647 Dino

246 GT

Yellow/Brown-Tan 02790

308 GTB

Yellow/Black 19887

512 TR

Red/Tan 93825

Lutziger Classic Cars

Dino 246 GT

Red/Black-Red 00568


312 B3 F1

Red-White 020

La Housse A L’Ancienne

308 GT4

Red/Black 15358

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