Kaiserpreis Rennen
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Kaiserpreis Rennen

The race for the Kaiserpreis took place at the same place, as the Gordon- Bennett-Race 3 years earlier. In the Taunus Mountain beloved by the Kaiser. Even a part of the route should be used. This time the route was driven in clockwise direction.

Only 40 cars could participate in the race, but 92 were entered. On June 13, 1907 two preliminary races were held, the top 20 qualified for the main race. The Kaiser attended the preliminaries as Emil Schmidt piloting Dürkopp- Wagen started at 4.10 in the morning. In bad weather condition many cars dropped out either by engine problems or accident.

Friday June 14th and blue skies at 6 o'clock in the morning the main race was on. The cars started in 2 minutes intervals for the 5 hour race. 100.000 spectators attended cheered on the passing cars.
The Italian Nazzaro on Fiat set the lap record with 1 hour and 23 minutes. Pöge on Mercedes was stopped by carburetor problems, also Florio on Darraq - Cylinder problems -, Hugo Wilhelm collided with a milestone, Gabriel on De Dietrich was stopped by a leaking fuel tank.

The race finish and the Kaiser had to realize that no German car was in the lead. Felice Nazzaro, Fiat, won after 4 laps with 5 hours and 34 minutes and 26 seconds, the Belgium Hautvast on Pipe followed with 5 minutes difference, 5 seconds later Carl Jörns on Opel finished 3rd.

The Winners average speed was 84,81 km/h. Only 21 teams of 39 finished the race. All highly rated favorites, including the Camille Jenatzy the winner of the Gordon-Bennet-Rennen in 1903 failed. Jenatzy crossed the finish line 32 minutes after the Italian winner.
Der Kaiserpreis - the trophy - designed by the Kaiser himself, was presented to the winner by the Kaiser. Joerns and Opel were later treaded like the winner.

100 years later time for revenge

This time the Kaiserpreis will be presented to the winning National Team (Location of the Manufacturer) and not just to a Car Team.

01 1900 Bergmann Tonneau H.J. Schramm Rüdiger Cornel
02 1902 Panhard Rear Entrance Tonneau Stephen Battye Sara Battye
03 1903 Berliet 2 seater Arturo Keller Deborah Keller
04 1903 Mercedes Simplex 60 hp Anke Rückwarth Vera Bernd
05 1903 Opel Rennwagen Jens Cooper
06 1904 Mercedes Simplex 18/28 Brigitte Milse-Dressel Ingrid Milse-Meier DMG
07 1906 Mercedes Simplex 35 hp Hermann Layher Horst Thome
08 1907 Renault Rennsport Wolfgang Auge Wilma Steimann
09 1907 Charron Typ 12 HP Frieder Krämer Gaby Krämer
10 1907 Mercedes Simplex 37/70 Walter Wohlfahrt
11 1908 Brennabor Typ A Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Cremer Magdalena Bederke 12 1904 Mercedes Simplex 28/32 Dr. Dieter Zetsche Michael Plag
13 1909 Mercedes Kettenwagen Klaus Schildbach Rainer Eckardt
14 1910 Renault BZ Michael von Loebbecke Karin von Loebbecke
15 1911 Opel Sport 2-Sitzer Heidi Hetzer Charlotte Heuser
16 1911 Delaunay Belleville HB 6 Landaulet Herrmann Smidt Alfred Smidt
17 1912 Mercedes Knight 16/45 Heinrich Brühne Ulli Kümmecke
18 1912 Benz 8/20 Werner Brungs David Brungs
19 1912 Hudson Roaster Gerhard Mello Heiko Grau
20 1912 REO "The Fitfth" Raceabout Christian Schrenk Liesel Schrenk
21 1913 Mercedes Knight Dieter Aumann Barbara Aumann
22 1913 Nazzaro Corza Targa Florio David Biggins Amanda de Saws
23 1913 Fiat 3A Willy Leiseder Rosi Leiseder
24 1913 Simplex-LaFrance Thomas Treul Renate Treul
25 1913 Mercedes 28/60 Axel Wülfing Dr. med. Karin Wülfing
26 1913 Opel Grand Prix Rennwagen Roland Schmucker  27 1914 Opel Grand Prix John Bentley Tamsin O'Brien
28 1905 Simplex American La France Malte Jürgens
29 1905 Mercedes Simplex Kardan Franz Maag Helga Schäfer
30 1915 Delage B1 Tourer Günter John Marianne John
31 1922 Bentley 3-Liter-Tourer Thomas Feierabend Janine Franssen
32 1922 Mercedes 28/95 Markus Kern Lukas Winter
33 1922 Bugatti T13 "Brescia" Kent Olsson Anders Olsson
34 1923 Mercedes 10-40-65 PS Philipp Dressel Reiner Meier
35 1923 Packard Single Type Six 133 Antje Willems-Stickel Charly Willems
36 1924 Stoewer D 12 Sport Hermann Cornel
37 1924 Mercedes 28/95 Helmut Döring Christa Döring
38 1924 Chenard et Walcker T3 Dr. Claus Sigle Renate Sigle
39 1924 Fiat 501 Corsa Herbert G. Spross Anette Lutz-Spross
40 1925 Bugatti 35B Rolf Richter Kerstin Richter
41 1927 Sunbeam 30 HP 90 Open Sports Tourer Marc Jäppelt Dagmar Bellers
42 1927 Mercedes-Benz Peterheinz Kern
43 1910 Opel Rennwagen Karl Christ Erika Christ
44 1914 Opel Rennwagen Richard Wiens

Kaiserpreis Awards

The Kaiserpreis for the best Team of the winning Nation Team
Number 31: Bentley 3 Liter Tourer,
Bj. 1922, Fahrer: Thomas Feierabend, Beifahrer: Volker Becker

The winning Nation Großbritannien/USA
Number 19: Hudson Roadster,
Bj. 1922, Fahrer: Gerd Mello, Beifahrer: Heiko Grau
Number 20: REO „The Fifth” Raceabout,
Bj. 1912, Fahrer: Christian Schrenk, Beifahrerin: Liesel Schrenk
Number 24: Simplex LaFrance XII,
Bj. 1913, Fahrer: Thomas Treul, Beifahrerin: Renate Treul
Number 28: American LaFrance,
Bj. 1905, Fahrer: Malte Jürgens, Beifahrer: Uli Koch
Number 31: Bentley 3 Liter Tourer,
Bj. 1922, Fahrer: Thomas Feierabend, Beifahrer: Volker Becker
Number 35: Packard Single Type Six 133,
Bj. 1923, Fahrerin: Helen Stickel, Beifahrer: Felix Stickel
Number 41: Sunbeam 30 HP 90,
Bj. 1927, Fahrer: Marc Jäppelt, Beifahrerin: Dagmar Bellers

Kaiserpreis Award for the Best of each Nation Team
Großbritannien/USA: Number 31, Bentley 3 Liter Tourer,
Bj. 1922, Fahrer: Thomas Feierabend, Beifahrer: Volker Becker
Italien: Number 22, Nazzaro Corsa Targa Florio,
Bj. 1913, Fahrer: David Biggins, Beifahrerin: Amanda de Saw
Frankreich: Number 40, Bugatti 35 B,
Bj. 1925, Fahrer: Rolf Richter, Beifahrerin: Kerstin Richter
Deutschland 1: Number 5, Opel Rennwagen ,
Bj. 1903, Fahrer: Jens Cooper
Deutschland 2: Number 36, Stoewer D12 Sport,
Bj. 1924, Fahrer: Herman Cornel

Trophy Concours d'Elégance
1st Number 27 Opel Grand Prix
Bj. 27, Fahrer John Bentley, Tasmin O'Brien
2nd Number 10, Mercedes Simplex 37/70
Bj. 1907, Fahrer: Walther Wohlfahrt, Beifahrer: Jürgen Bittner
3rd Number 23, Fiat 3A
Bj. 1913, Fahrer: Willy Leiseder, Fahrerin: Rosi Leiseder

Trophy for best styled Team
Number 35, Packard Single Type 6 130.

Bj. 1923, Fahrerin Antje Willems-Stickel, Charly Willems

Award for the most innovative technique
Number 7, Mercedes Simplex 35 PS
Bj. 1906, Hermann Layher, Horst Thome

Vistors Darling
Number 17, Mercedes Knight 16/45

Bj. 1912, Heinrich Brühne, Ulli Kümmecke

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