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 "The only thing our 550 barchetta lacked is this roof." (barchetta owner)
if the boot lid is closed, the cables running inside to roof to the front, will tighten the roof
the rear end of the hood features a stainless steel connecting plate which will be connected with a counter part at the trunk
rollbar attachment
the hood will be rolled to the back, for better handling it is attached to the rollbar
in the center an airplan fixing catch will be locked
and connected with original Mercedes fixing catches
the top is positioned at the windscreen
and additionally attached with a snapper
a covered stainless steel frame is connected with the original provided connectors
and attached under the boot lid
Polycarbonat windscreen will be mounted first
Frame, roof and windscreen in the trunck
550 barchetta with Soft Top
The window frame
michalak soft top
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