Ferrari 330 GTC,
Assembly sequence no. 533, body no. C0629
Fitted with a/c
silvergrey metallic/black
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
Destinazione Chinetti, USA

1969/Jul - SAI.MA, Modena, Italy by Luigi Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT/USA
imported into the United States
One of four 330 GTC paid for by check no. 1246. Other three cars were all 1967 production

70/May - R. R. Hedden, Dallas, USA. Noted as being silver  
70/May/23 - 4,799 miles  
77-1979 - A. Richard Caputo, Wilkes-Barre, USA FOCUSA Rosters
84/... - Edward J. Gushue, Bedford Hills, NY, USA 37,000 miles (FML 0921)
85/... - offered by Gushue, West Redding, CT, USA (FML 1002)
87/Nov - Dan Fitzgerald, Laconia, NH, USA (FML 1222)
89/Aug - David P. DuPont, Dover, NH, USA 39,000 miles (FML 1416)
90/May - offered again (FML 1511)
90/... - Brandon Wang, CA, USA  
96/Jul/03 - Peter George, San Franscisco, CA, USA 42,292 miles
98/Aug - Vintage Ferrari Concours, Carmel Valley, CA, USA by Peter George  
01/... - Lawry Stewart, Incline Village, NV, USA via Sportscar Italiano
04/Mar - Tony Aniello, CA, USA via Sportscar Italiano  
06/Aug - Concorso Italiano. Gold award   
06/Oct - Danville Concours  
07/Apr - Peter Fino, Itasca, IL,USA via Sportscar Italiano 52,956 miles
07/... - Patrick Ottis engine rebuild at 40K and recent full service by Ottis  
07/May - offered by Fino  (FML 3209)
09/Jan -  offered by Anthony Girand, New York, NY/USA (FML 3401)
10/Jan - Ken Goldman  




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