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5/22/2005, 10:00:12 AM cet
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A 360 in a sliding exercise
Pitlane - Ready.. set...
..go !
Hard to keep up with a 550 on the main stright
Here you are doing about 190 Kmh, and you wont brake for at least another 50 meters. F1 & Motorcycles do about 320 Kmh... - heading towards San Donato
A chicane slows down the main stright (first day only). Rains, too.
Look in the mirror and ..
.. ouch!
From the pace car, a 360 entering the main straight
Last day, with two cars chasing the Alfa. That was fun!
..and some are faster than the others :-))
They look at the brakes 'cuz they are smoking.. oops! (never set the parking brake on hot brakes..)
Wouldn't you be happy with ten brand new Ferraris to play with ?!?
How can you not fall in love with this beauty ?
Well yes, ok the 360 is pretty cute too
Like I said.. ;-))
IMHO the 360 does look better with the grille
"Zanna", an instructor
Gordon De Adamich, an other instructor. The pace cars are 'slow' Alfas, but these guys sure know how to drive 'em
I asked the white-hair gentleman on the far right (Andrea De Adamich) if he makes much use of the brakes with his silver 550 in regular traffic. "Oh yes I do" was the answer... wanna try chasing him ?
Getting to the end..
The Pilota Ferrari driving courses offer Ferrari owners the
opportunity to improve their driving skills and technique, to
enable them to fully appreciate the safe potential of their car
under a variety of conditions. The courses are not just about
being able to drive fast, but about driving in a secure and
sensible manner in accord with prevailing conditions. By
honing the skills and awareness of the driver, they should
effectively become safer on the road, whilst the improved
driving ability can offer them increased enjoyment of their car
in closed circuit conditions.

The ”Pilota Mugello” course is a 2 day intensive course at the
Ferrari owned Mugello circuit, sited to the north of Florence in
the beautiful hilly landscape of Tuscany.
Mugello track
Fiorano Test Track
The courses are under the direction of former Grand Prix
driver Andrea de Adamich, who heads an experienced band
of professional tutors. The tuition is both theoretical and
practical track based, and is undertaken in Ferrari 360
Modena and 550 Maranello models. On the first day the tutor
rides in the car with the student, and on the second is in
continuous radio contact from a pace car. Some of the
aspects of car control covered are skid control, emergency
braking, pendulum effect under heavy braking and ideal lines
on the track. On the final day, those participants who have
arrived in their own Ferraris have the opportunity to drive
them on the track, enabling them to put their newly acquired
skills into practise in their own machine. A course certifificate
is issued upon completion, together with a ”Pilota Ferrari”
helmet and various other specific mementoes of the
occasion. We don’t want to spoil the surprise!
For those who want to progress to a higher level of
accomplishment, there is an advanced course ”Corso
Avanzato” held at the Fiorano circuit in Maranello, adjacent to
the Ferrari racing department headquarters. This circuit is
used extensively by the F1 team for testing purposes. This
course is tailored to the individual, to further develop their
skills and understanding of car control under more extreme

Due to the number of participants who wanted to elevate their
newly found skills to an even higher level, a third course was
introduced in the year 2000. This is known as the ”Corso
Evoluzione”, and is open to participants who have completed
the previous two courses. It is a very tutor/student intensive 2
day course at Fiorano, in which the students end up driving
360 Challenge cars to full race specification.

All course packages include high quality hotel
accommodation close to the relevant circuit.

Full details on enrolment, cost and availability, are obtainable
through any official Ferrari dealer throughout the world.

Keith Bluemel