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Chichester, 11th - 13th of September, 2015

This year’s Goodwood Revival meeting came to an end after another three glorious days in West-Sussex. Attracting once again a record crowd the visitors could enjoyed another edition of the most likely best classic car event in the entire calendar. Even if the format did not change over the year both regular and new visitors were superbly entertained over the weekend. For all those visiting the Revival for the first time the amount of impressions around the track are simply overwhelming and one could be busy visiting all the different attractions without even watching the races. With a lot of atmosphere created by The Earl of March and his team the spectators themselves become part of the show when dressing up in numbers one could only expect in the UK where the tradition is maybe more important than anywhere else in the world.

Other events tried to copy that but it is just over here where the surrounding feels natural instead of forced by a dress code. Especially as the British visitors show a lot of humor as not all of the outfits could be taken serious as beside the traditional dresses rockers, flower power and comedy could be seen all around the place making this an experience that might also attract more women than any other car event in the world as it does not get boring even without the cars. In a large area both inside the circuit and in the fun park “over the road” the day is full of entertainment ranging from known annual displays like the merry-go-round, the historic market or the Earl Court Motor Show to changing set-ups like a stranded fishing boat, a hot rod garage and many other things.

Starting on Friday with the practice sessions not few of the attending visitors explore the other attractions as the fences of the track are not as crowded as the following race day.

But apart from all the entertainment one does not forget that this is a very serious race weekend with prestigious winners lists as the historic racers drive as hard as maybe nowhere else, exchange of paint during the races is a common sight and even cars of the value of a Ferrari 250 GTO/64 are driven without restraint. In fifteen races over the weekend ranging from the small single seaters of the 500 cc Formula 3 to the big bangers in the Whitsun Trophy there are always cars on the track. Most important races are certainly the RAC TT Celebrations for GT cars, an one-hour two drivers race that attracts a lot of prominent drivers including several multiple Le Mans winners like Emanuele Pirro, Tom Kristensen or Derek Bell. Most of them also join in at the most spectacular race of the weekend, the first part of the St. Mary´s Trophy when these seasoned racers trash around the touring cars on the very fast track including a lot of drifting and body roll. Just like at his first appearance at Goodwood it was again Tom Kristensen who won the St. Mary´s Trophy even when starting from the very back of the field in the heavy Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt after failing to set a time in qualifying in one of the most spectacular drive of the weekend.

Not less interesting was this year’s RAC TT Celebration. As the weather forecast was not too good for the weekend nobody was actually surprised when the first drops of rain fell exactly when the GT cars were lined up in the assembly area but fortunately the rain did not set in and unlike in previous years the race could be driven in completely dry conditions. At the end it was a sole Jaguar E-Type of Ward/Sheddon that could defeat the phalanx of AC Cobras on the following 3 positions.

But beside the annual races one of Goodwood favorites is a single model or marque race every year and after Jaguar E-Types and AC Cobras this year’s Lavant Cup was dedicated to Ferrari Drum Brake cars. Although several Ferrari are present every year in the different races this single marque race certainly attracted a lot more cars running against cars of the same value instead of light weighted Jaguar E-Types that are driven in anger due to their smaller value. The Lavant Cup included several four-cylinder 500 TR and 750 Monza, some 250 TdF and racing Boanos as well as more exotic 212 Exports. Right from the beginning the Cottingham-500 TRC and the Monteverde 750 Monza “Iceracer” were battling for the lead before a small nudge of Cottingham left the Monza in a spin and decided the race.

Apart from the actual racing there were a few more highlights including the sensational reunion of all the 6 existing Daytona Cobras with their creator Pete Brock, the tribute to Bruce McLaren who unfortunately lost his life at the Goodwood Racing Circuit during a car test back in 1970.

Also celebrated was the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain with no less than 12 Spitfire in an air display as well as the attendance of many of the remaining veterans from that time.

After a very long weekend we have put together a small preview of images showing some of the highlights of all three days, a more extensive gallery with all the 15 races and displays will follow.

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Text & images … Peter Singhof