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Jupiter, 23rd of January, 2015

Today saw the second and last track day at the Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter. Formerly known as Moroso the small race track features some interesting racing every year during the Cavallino Classic and certainly the 24th edition did not make an exception. Although the race groups are rather small since the Shell Historic Challenge is not run anymore there are still very interesting cars to see that are rarely seen on other events.

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After the free practice session on Thursday today saw three races in different race groups with the Drum and Disc Brake era and the pre-war cars. Especially the drum brake class saw some superb cars with no less than three 250 TR around in addition to the 1956 MM winning 290 MM. The race was dominated by the 250 TR of Chris Cox who could even keep behind one of the Maserati 250F who were favourites for the top laurels in previous years. Behind the 250F and the Maserati 300S the family duel between Ed and Leslie Davies was won by the 290MM although a year older than the 1957 250 TR.

The disc brake race was held with a reduced grid after three cars did not start either due to mechanical problems or as in the case of the Norinder-GTO because of the original engine that was still installed in the car after the restoration in Maranello. It seems that the owner did not want to risk the original power unit in a race so the car was only seen in the practice sessions.

As in previous years the race was dominated by a duo of Ferrari 512 BBLM that ran way ahead of the rest of the field. Playing with each other the lead between Jim Fuchs and Todd Morici changed again several times before Morici had to pit because of oil smoke out of the engine. Although he went back to the race after short stop the lead could be held by Fuchs without trouble.

In the pre-war race it were the Alfas making the pace with the two 8C35 running in front followed by the P3 and the pack of Bugatti T35.

As yesterday there was also a seminar in the Breakers a few more Ferrari Owners showed up at the track today and on could admire for example a few laps of the small 206 SP Dino (0834) that will be presented tomorrow at the lawn.

After two day of racing finally the awards were given at the Breakers Beach Club instead of the Yacht Hop a few years ago.
Tomorrow will be the main event with the Concours at the Breakers but unfortunately the weather forecast is not perfect with high chances of rain or at least rain showers. This might be a problem for some of the featured 375 MM Spyders that entirely lack any rain covers.

Report & Images ... Peter Singhof