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Palm Beach, 26th of January, 2014

Today fell the final curtain of this year’s Cavallino Classic, the first highlight in a very young classic car season. The Cavallino Classic was already in its 23rd edition and within this time it became the most important Ferrari event in the year attracting both American collectors and some from overseas. One week after the auctions in Arizona many Europeans took the chance for a prolonged stay in the warmer climate of Florida instead of flying back to the European Winter.

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On the last day of the four days event the Classic Sports Sunday multi-marque concours was held at Donald Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, this final event was introduced years ago to give also non-Ferrari owners the chance to take part in the CC and with a charity lunch at the ballroom this even served a good cause.

Several Ferrari from the Concours at The Breakers were shown again at the lawn to collect more silverware and the street cars were parked up the hill under the palm trees including a few 275, GT Lusso or Series 2 Cabriolets, the SWB and LWB California Spyder and yesterday’s Best of Show winning 400 Superamerica.

“Floating” down the hill was the competition Ferrari facing the main building and the pool area were the champagne and some coffee was served during the brunch time. One of the last arriving cars was the 250 LM and although it is a race car it was never raced in period so this builds a good bridge for the more active contenders on the international circuits. Beside the 275 GTB Competizione the two Testa Rossas were lined up together with the 335 S and the 500 F2. Unfortunately their spot was most of the day in the shadow as the sun decided to show up more frequently behind the clouds than the day before and it was even warming up a little bit in the afternoon after the rather chilly temperatures of the last days.

Just aside the racing Ferraris was a small line-up of pre-war race cars including the wonderful Aston Marin Brooklands racer and the Bugatti T37 A that were already seen actively during the track days at the Palm Bach International Raceway. They were joined by an Allard and a late arriving Bugatti T55. Also in the pool area was as usual the pre-war coach built class including a mighty Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster that was sold at last year’s Monterey auction by RM. Not less imposing was the duo of Duesenberg that was parked nearby facing the pool reflecting their chrome on the water. All the way from the Arizona Concours two weeks before came the Steyr 220 Convertible by Glaser and the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A SS with LeBaron single-rumble-seat body.

Very British was the line-up of the featured marques Bentley and Rolls-Royce presenting the heritage of the two companies before and during their cooperation beside the latest models. Bentley was presented by a 4 ½ Litre Le Mans and a short chassis 8 Litre of the Cricklewood era, a Derby Bentley 3 ½ Litre DHC and one of the very popular Continental R-Type.

Whereas in previous years Aston Martin was very strong on the field this year just one DB MKII DHC found its way to Mar-a-Lago.
Several Mercedes were shown including a duo of the 300 SL Roadster and a Gullwing along its small brother, the 190 SL, less sportive was the 600 limousine although it was a short chassis version.

After a closer look at the cars in the morning the entrants and their guests went to the ballroom to have some lunch and to get some more silverware to fill up the cabinet that might be already full by most of them as they usually are regulars to the concours field. During lunch time the lawn was quit empty leaving a few photo opportunities, just a few members of the club took the chance to have a look at the cars and take pictures of themselves in front of them.

When the people came back there was very soon an atmosphere of departure as most of the entrants wanted to be home by time to enjoy the rest of the weekend after two days on the lawn or the restorers and caretakers to take the car on the sometimes long way back into the temperature-controlled garage.
Just at the end of the day even the man of the house, Donald Trump had a quick look around being obviously pleased with the presentation.

For today we have put together a small preview of the display of the Classic Sports Sunday to finalize our daily report on this year’s Cavallino Classic with a more intensive look back on all parts of the Cavallino Classic following during the next days showing most of the cars on display.

Report & images … Peter Singhof