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Cernobbio, 23rd - 25th of May

After the single marque class the second class was named “The Great Gatsby” after the novel of F.Scott Fitzgerald describing the roaring twenties. Since a few years the event also features an open air cinema on Friday evening and this year the new film version of this classic was shown, also the members evening on Saturday was themed that way.

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Best in class was the oldest entry with the 1922 Hispano-Suiza H6B Sedanca Landaulet by Chapron, this car did not just amaze the jury but also the public as the owner and his company were seen all weekend dressed up in the style of this era giving him also the award for the best dressed crew. Second in class became the early 1923 Duesenberg Model A Roadster. Today the name Duesenberg is mostly known for the big luxury limousines and convertibles from the J Model but it was the Model A that showed best the innovation of Fred and August Duesenberg in a time when their models were still intended to race in Indianapolis. The Model A was the very first car to feature hydraulic brakes in the early 1920s and it was the first straight-eight engine in the US giving the model its official name “Straight Eight” that was also proudly shown in the radiators badge. Also in this class was a Rolls-Royce Phantom I with Hooper Saloon coachwork and a Packard 640 Roadster.

Report & Images ... Peter&Wolfgang Singhof

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