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Essen, 15 April, 2013

The TECHNO-CLASSICA celebrates anniversary: The greatest fair of the world for collector automobiles takes place for the 25th time. In 1989 the TECHNO-CLASSICA in Essen started as the first great ambitious classic fair. Since then it sets the trends of the vintage scene yearly and has become to the leading meeting point and trading centre of the international classic scene.

At the moment the anniversary edition comes into the hot preparatory phase until the opening on 10th April 2013 with the preview- press- and professional-visitors day. The organiser S.I.H.A. already now reports "full house": All exhibitor's spaces in the 20 halls and on the open space of the fair are already booked.

Also at the 25th edition the TECHNO-CLASSICA will become again the world greatest historic show of the German as well as the international automobile manufacturers and can even announce a brand record - with 25 brands of vehicles present themselves as much as never before. Nevertheless, it is not only the thing to entertain the audience and to impart historical knowledge. Of importance is also the plausible presentation of the brand values at which the tradition and company-history play a vast important part. So a lot of manufacturers show complete lines of ancestors and compare current models with historical vehicles. Most of the companies have already announced first information concerning their appearances - here in alphabetical order:

• Audi looks back on 25 years Audi V8 and 80 years V8 engines, among other things with two Horch-luxury-limousines and the Audi V8 quattro DTM.

• The "Autostadt" shows a contrast programme. Six contrary pairs illustrate the variety of 125 years automobile history in the "ZeitHaus", the automobile museum with the largest number of visitors of the world, so for example the "cubic-giant" Bentley 8litre and the NSU Quickly with only 49ccm.

• BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini book again commonly the entire hall 12 as corporation-brands. Two topics are already fixed: 90 years BMW motorcycle and 50 years Mini Cooper S.

• Bugatti and Bentley present again at a joint-stand and exhibit both, historical and current models.

• Citroën takes the subject "Open driving" and shows convertible- studies and - standard-models, among them a DS 19 convertible and as German-premier the topical DS3 convertible.

• Ford celebrates the 150th birthday of the company founder Henry Ford. Second theme is the motto "Ford motor sport" with the main focus on 45 years Ford Escort.

• Lamborghini celebrates the 50th birthday - the Italian noble factory was found in May 1963 in Sant'Agata Bolognese and brings two special sports cars from the starting time to Essen.

• Mercedes-Benz - from the very start represented at the TECHNO-CLASSICA - puts the history of the S-class, which goes back to the beginnings of the brand Mercedes at the starting of the 20th century, into the main focus. Logically the Stuttgarts present among others the luxury touring limousine Mercedes- Simplex 60 HP travel vehicle from 1904 of the private property of Emil Jellinek.

• Opel takes the launch of the Cascada as occasion to make a convertible-history excursion of the company and presents probably nine open vehicles.

• Peugeot devotes to the motor sport and exhibits among others the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 from the rally woman racing driver Michele Mouton.

• Porsche celebrates the birthday with a nought on of an icon: The Porsche 911 is 50. Since five decades the "Neunelfer" is known as sports car absolutely and core of the brand.

• Seat's motto of presentation is "urban vehicles" and exhibits among others the Seat 600, of which the last piece rolled off the assembly line 40 years ago.

• Skoda takes the topic of the development history of the Rapid and presents probably eight models from the pre-war age, the 1980ies and the modern age under the motto "Rapid - a name with tradition".

• Volkswagen Classic shows a line of ancestor too: Seven generations Golf is the motto in hall 7. Besides the six historical Golf-construction series since 1974 the Wolfsburgers present the new Golf GTI as German-premier. Volkswagen Classic Parts demonstrates the restoration of a Golf I GTI. In addition Volkswagen will be the host for the automobile museum.

• Volkswagen trade vehicles devotes among others to "25 years California" - the first company-owned travel-vehicle was presented 1989 in Essen - and 55 years double-cabin.

• The motto of Volvo is "Volvo - the passion" - six exceptional historical vehicles, which are today owned by passionate fans of the Swedish brand are exhibited.

Furthermore the tradition branches of Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ferrari, Jaguar, Royal Enfield and probably also Aston Martin - which celebrates in 2013 its 100th foundation anniversary - represented at the TECHNO-CLASSICA.

Since a lot of years S.I.H.A presents an exquisite special exhibition. After the Pegaso-world-record last year the TECHNO- CLASSICA-organisers come up with something special for the anniversary. The special exhibition "AUTOMOBILE MASTERPIECES" demonstrates the Haute Couture of car manufacturing - the most elegant and most beautiful creations of designers from the wedding of coach-building. The exhibited noble-coaches are all unique examples and had been fitted out by the crème de la crème of the body-factories of the 1920ies until the 1950ies. Among them exceptional beauties like the Bugatti 57 C with Gangloff-coach in the Saoutchik-style from 1939, the Bentley 4.5 litre Derby coupé from 1939 and the Talbot Lago T 150 C Teardrop coupé with a coach from Figoni et Falaschi from 1938.

Additional anniversary subjects and other special mottos are taken up traditionally by the clubs as well, which make the "World fair for vintage-, classic- & prestige- cars, motor sport, motorcycles, spare parts, restoration and world-club meeting" to the world greatest classic forum by more than 200 exhibiting automobile clubs. A lot of them are participating since the first fair in 1989, as for example the "VW type 3 connoisseurs" or the Borgward IG.

Just one meets at the TECHNO-CLASSICA - since the first at that time still two-days fair in 1989 the number of visitors are increased continuously and became more and more international. From 30,000 at the beginning became more than 180,000 visitors in 2012. For the anniversary edition the organisers expect an increasing again. Also for exhibitors the pulsating classic-world- fair became more and more attractive from year to year - as in 1989 250 exhibitors still had been divided on six exhibition halls, so already now are all spaces of the 20 halls and the open space are booked-out by approximately 1,200 exhibitors. And they become more and more international too: In the meantime the specialist dealers are not only from whole Europe but also from overseas - so among others also exhibitors from North- and South-America and even China present their range. About 2,500 high-quality collector-cars will be up for sale - so many as nowhere else.

Besides so many restorers, component suppliers, suppliers of car literature, spare part dealers, accessories sellers, clock- and technology-dealers, artists and art dealers and not at least model car suppliers are present at the TECHNO-CLASSICA as at no other classic show worldwide. At the five-day fair one can see everything, really everything around vintage cars and young- timers. So the classic-scene meets again at the TECHNO- CLASSICA in Essen from 10th (Happy View Day / Preview) until 14th April 2013 - this time also for celebrating ... Share the Passion!

Images Peter Sighof ... www.ClassicCarPhotography.de