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Brescia, 15th-18th of May, 2013

Last week the eagerly awaited 2013 edition of the Mille Miglia started in Brescia. Eagerly-awaited because after five previous editions had been organized by the MAC-group everyone was curious to learn what the changes the new organisers would make. The rights to the name of what may be the brand in the classic car world are held by the Vintage Watch Car Club of Brescia, which had awarded a 5-years contract to MAC, when it took over from the long-time organiser Costantino Franchi in 2008. Being a commercial agency it was no big surprise that the new organisation sought to maximize profits out of the event which, according to rumours, very much displeased the rights-holders who chose to not renew MAC’s contract after last year.

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As the Club wanted to organize this year’s event themselves, through a newly formed company, everyone was curious what they might keep in place from recent editions and what would be new. Press releases from both parties in the last months showed a strained relationship between the old and the new team.

Unfortunately during the final weeks prior to the start, information had only come in very sporadically, leaving the impression that the organisation was running late. Knowing Italian mentality everyone remained confident that everything would work out at the end. A little bit of chaos was always part of the charm of the Mille Miglia.

One thing that was carried over was the scrutineering in the Fiera di Brescia, the Trade Fair Centre easy accessible from the near motorway with lots of space for the cars in the hall and the trailers on the big parking lot. Unlike the first editions, the scrutineering was taken out of the city centre but an additional stamping ceremony at the Piazza on Thursday still took the cars to the spectators in the city centre prior to the Start at the Viale Venezia.

This year's field was raised to 420 cars, an additional 10% more than previous years, with the additional 70 Ferrari running the tribute just in front of the rally. The tribute was quite unpopular with some of the pre-war car owners running in front of the field. Even though the tribute was supposed to run in front, some of the modern cars dropped back after coffee breaks or a prolonged lunch, to drive right between the drum brake cars. The tribute had been kept in the event to raise some extra money needed to finance the whole event. Somehow this year it seemed to work out a little better as just few of the modern cars could be seen when one followed the earlier cars on their thousand miles through Italy.

The quality of the cars entered in this year's edition was very high, leaving many with the impression that some owners wanted to support the new organisation with their participation by giving them the opportunity to set up a great event that the Mille Miglia tradition deserves.

The field included again some very fine Bugatti, Supercharged Mercedes and Bentley, Aston Martin and BMW in the pre-war class. A lot of small Etceterini, Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche in the post war era made this a very homogenous field with some highlight and only few less interesting cars.

Certainly every event needs some crowd pullers and Mercedes-Benz delivered as usual by bringing the 300 SLR (sister car of the 1955 winning car), some works supported 710 SS and SSK plus the 300 SL Prototype in Carrera Panamericana livery. These regular entrants driven by some of their ambassadors including David Coulthard, Karl Wendlinger, Bernd Mayländer and Jochen Mass were joined by a very interesting private entered 300 SL Prototype. Chassis 06 was the T-car at Le Mans in 1952 where it was driven in practice with a big wing on the roof as an additional air-brake operated by the driver with an extra lever. The air-brake caused some problems and was not used during the race but after the car was a spyder in later years it is today restored back to that Le Mans configuration. The light tubular frame brought Mercedes back on the racing map after the war with this innovative model shared many components with the limousine of these days (to reduce costs). Finally the 300 SL went into production and became an icon driven in a good number at every Mille Miglia.

One of the most beautiful cars in the field was without doubt the small Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta (0064M). This design is considered by many as the best looking Ferrari of all time and the car on show might be the best looking of this series. Originally build for Gianni Agnelli this car was used rather on the street than on the race track so it is not a surprise that it was not delivered in the typical Italian racing red but in a very elegant two-tone blue-green metallic livery to the taste of its first owner, the elegant lines are underlined by the unique teardrop rear lights. The car has an all Belgium history after Agnelli sold the car after two years and sat in the Jacques Swaters collection for the last 45 year before it was sold to its current owner. Not just that the car was displayed at the Windsor Castle Concours last year, but it also did the entire 1000 miles on this year's Mille Miglia to be admired by the thousands of spectators on the way from Brescia to Rome and back.

During Wednesday most of the cars arrived at the Fiera to have their papers checked and collecting their race numbers. As expected the colour of the numbers changed back to white after being black for the last five years, this new design was also given to the ramp in Brescia for the start and finish.

Unfortunately the weather forecast for the following days was very bad and at least the Thursday proved it right as it was pouring all day long spoiling a little bit the vivid atmosphere in the city centre that day. Usually the parade through the crowds from the Piazza Loggia is very special with the cars parked in the streets, proud owners posing by their car or drinking a coffee or glass of wine in the ristorante but that day the mood was a little bit gloomy. Only few participants kept a big grin in their face even while their car had little to no weather protection.

Fortunately the rain stopped just in time for the start so at least the first part of the rally was dry. Still, on the way to the first stop in Ferrara several roads and bridges were closed because of flooding and the rain accompanied the cars on most of the first leg.

Back to the roots was the slogan with Mercedes-Benz being the main sponsor just as in the 1990s and the early 2000s before the sponsorship went crazy with more than half a dozen of manufacturers sending their public relation division to set up a display in the city centre even blocking some of the required space for the classic cars at the surrounding Piazzas. In the last years there were so many cars running with a sponsor badge between the classic cars that it was nearly impossible to take pictures of these without modern cars in between. Certainly the convoy of accompanying cars is still big including the fans following the route in classic cars but it was looking better this year than before.

The second leg led from Ferrara down to Rome and most of the route was taken over from last year's road book due to the limited organizing time for the new team but this year the cars passed again Assisi, the passing of the Basilica in the late afternoon was certainly one of the highlights. Unfortunately the passing of the Monte Terminillo was taken off the list after the cars had run into the snow two years ago, so the journey led took a more direct route to Rome.

For many the way back from Rome with the old City Centres of Viterbo, Radicofani, Siena and Florence in Tuscany is the better part of the 1000 miles, not to mention the Passo Futa and Radicosa after the lunch break. Especially the Passo Futa is a spectators magnet when thousands of people sit in the serpentines to watch the cars running up the hill, followed by many bikes and other classic cars.

Unfortunately some of the drivers are driving way beyond their limits and accidents happen from time to time. The street had to be closed after a frontal crash between one of the following “fans” and a normal road user after Radicofani. One had the impression that there were less police escorts this year guiding the participants through the traffic as they found themselves more often in front of red traffic lights than in previous years. Because many of participants assumed that normal traffic regulations were suspended during the “race”, they often pass through the lights, very much to the anger of some less interested driving public.

After passing the home of Ferrari in Maranello the cars finally arrived at Brescia on Saturday evening, after very changing conditions on the road. There was rain and sun on the 1000 miles although there was a little bit too much of the first. Certainly there is always the chance of rain and the experienced participants are used to that, but one could not help but feel sorry for those who did this year's MM as a once-in-a-lifetime experience as the weather was much worse than in many of the last editions.

At the end, this year's Mille Miglia was won by the Argentinean Team Tonconogy / Berisso on their Bugatti T40.

In conclusion one has to say that this year's edition was not very different from the previous ones, maybe a little bit more quiet, but one will have to wait for an all-sunny edition to really compare. The reduction of the sponsorship was at least a good start. One could get the impression that the focus was more on the classic cars again than in previous years, thanks to the very subtle appearance of Mercedes-Benz just as they did in earlier years. With BMW running the following Concorso d´Eleganza at the Villa d´Este, the Mille Miglia might be again the event in the portfolio of Mercedes, the place of two of their most famous victories in 1931 and 1955, giving each manufacturer one of the best events of their kind in the world.

We are looking forward to next year's edition of the Italian road classic and hope for better weather.

Report & Images ...Peter Singhof www.ClassicCarPhotography.de

Mille Miglia Entries

001 O.M. 665 SS 1930 Brennecke Marcus/Schmiegel Wolff (D/US)
003 O.M. 665 Superba MM 1927 s/n 26406 Fendt Johann Georg/Fendt Corinna Barbara (D/D)
004 O.M. 665 S Superba 1928 s/n 61110 Bazhenin Nadia/Soloviev Dmitriy (RU/RU)
005 O.M. 665 SS MM 1929 Lisman Richard/Doyle Clive (US/US)
006 O.M. 665 SS MM 1930 Haentjes Michael/Jakob Haentjes (D/D)
007 O.M. 665 SS MM 1930 Brozzetti Sandro/Brozzetti Filiberto (I/I)
008 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1500 MMS 1928 Amenduni Gresele Massimo/Vicari Fabrizio (I/I)
009 LANCIA Lambda serie VII 1928 s/n 20145 Battagliola Domenico/Battagliola Giuseppe (I/I)
010 BENTLEY 4 1/2 Litre 1929 Bock Johann/Bock Susanne (D/D)
011 BUGATTI T 35 A 1925 s/n 4651 Brevini Giuseppe/Tazzioli Franca (I/I)
013 BUGATTI T 37 Grand Prix 1927 Cane' Giuliano/Reichle Klaus Peter (I/QA)
014 BUGATTI T 35 T 1926 Schreiber Wolfgang/Ostmann Bernhard Robert (F/D)
015 BENTLEY Speed Six 1928 De Boer Jan/Koolen Ton (NL/NL)
016 LANCIA Lambda 221S Series VIII Spider 1928 Kuck Karl-Heinz/Schemme Knut (D/D)
018 CHRYSLER 75 1929 Eichenbaum David/Elliott Jonathan (US/US)
019 LANCIA Lambda serie VII 1927 s/n 16456 Erber Wolfgang/Jabinger Markus Martin (AT/AT)
020 LORRAINE D. B3-6 Le Mans 1925 Ernst Rudolf/Westphal Christian (D/D)
021 BUGATTI T 35 A 1925 s/n 4338 Felloni Giulio/Felloni Riccardo (I/I)
022 BUGATTI T 35 A 1927 Kurth Wolfgang/Branse Jurgen Karl (D/D)
023 BUGATTI T 37 1927 s/n 37232 Ferrari Bruno/Ferrari Carlo (I/I)
025 RALLY ABC 1929 Fiorentini Giuseppe/Passeri Maria Grazia (I/I)
026 BUGATTI T 35 1925 s/n 4610 Foglia Giacomo/Barbiano di Belgiojoso A (CH/I )
027 BENTLEY 4 1/2 Litre Supercharged 1930 s/n SM3924 Ford Geoffrey/Ford Richard (GB/GB)
028 BUGATTI T 40 A 1930 s/n 40912 Frascari Ivanno/Teneggi Luciano (I/I)
029 BENTLEY 4 1/2 Litre Supercharged 1929 s/n HB3403 Frech Rolf/Zolter Jurgen (GB/D)
030 BENTLEY 4 1/2 Litre Supercharged 1930 s/n SM3917 Charlesworth Richard/English Andrew (GB/GB)
031 BENTLEY Speed Six 1929 s/n LB2333 Gaensler Martin/Davies Neil (D/GB)
033 BUGATTI T 37 1926 Giacomello Giancarlo/Gennaro Luigino (I/I)
034 MASERATI Tipo 26M Sport 1930 Goedmakers Ronald George/Bulens Kris Lode (BE/BE)
035 BENTLEY 6 1/2 Litre all weather 1927 s/n TW2703 Grossman Juergen/Groenemeyer Herbert (D/D)
036 LANCIA Lambda 1927 s/n 16627 Haas Helmuth Klaus/Haas Silvia (AT/AT)
037 BUGATTI T 37 A 1928 s/n 37314 Kirkpatrick Frederica/Kirkpatrick Simon (GB/GB)
038 FIAT 509 SM 1926 Maes Jurgen/Van Schoubroek Philippe (BE/BE)
039 BUGATTI T 13 Brescia 1921 Masselli Pier Angelo/Confaloni Savina (I/I)
040 BUGATTI T 37 A 1927 Meier Oskar/Batouskova Katerina (CH/CH)
041 RILEY 9 brooklands speed1928 Nessi Ferruccio/Nessi Carlo (CH/CH)
042 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 SPORT 1929 Olivieri Luigi/Olivieri Amato (I/I)
043 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 GT CABRIOLET 1930 Piardi Ezio/Piardi Marco (I/I)
044 BUGATTI T 35 1924 Feltes Goy/Feltes Felix (L/L)
045 BNC 527 Gran Sport Monza 1927 Roma Bruno/Ider Primo (I/I)
047 BENTLEY Van Den Plas Sports 1927 Stone Will/Miles Dylan William (GB/GB)
048 BUGATTI T 35 A 1926 s/n 4700 Takemoto Kyoto/Takemoto Junko (JP/JP)
049 BUGATTI T 40 1927 s/n 40415 Tonconogy Juan/Berisso Guillermo Franci (AR/AR)
050 BENTLEY 6 1/2 Litre 1927 s/n KD2106 Briegmann Frank/Secker Joachim (D/D)
051 BENTLEY 4 1/2 Litre 1929 Vogel Michael H./Hotz Gianni (D/I)
052 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1500 Sport 1928 s/n 0211504 Vonow Alexander/Vonow Anna (CH/CH)
053 MERCEDES-BENZ SSK 1928 Tiemann Marcel/Bock Michael (D/NL)
054 MERCEDES-BENZ SSK 1929 s/n 36045 Louwman Evert/Westermann Peter (NL/NL)
055 MERCEDES-BENZ 710 SS 1930 s/n 36339 Wendlinger Karl/Mass Jochen (AT/D)
056 MERCEDES-BENZ SSK 1929 Rothenberger Helmut/Rothenberger Sabine (D/AT)
057 BNC 527 MONZA 1927 Murru Giovanni Luca/Destro Castaniti Massimo (I/I)
059 FIAT 508 S COPPA ORO 1934 Bettinsoli Massimo/Arici Severino (I/I)
060 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 GRAN SPORT 1931 Adler Steven/Greisen Jakob (US/DK)
061 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 GRAN SPORT 1931 s/n 1084376 Ambrosi Giuseppe/Cantoni Luca (I/I)
062 FIAT 508 S SIATA Spider 1933 Belometti Andrea/Putelli Emanuela (I/I)
064 RILEY MPH "Works Prototype" 1933 Brandts Luc/Brandts Carine (NL/NL)
065 MG K3 Magnette 1933 Briggs Peter/Briggs Robin (AU/AU)
066 ALVIS 20 SA Tourer Van den Plas 1932 Cantele Guido/De Vogue' Madeleine (MC/MC)
067 ALFA ROMEO 6C 2300 Pescara Sport Spider 1935 s/n 700635 Martegani Alberto/Maccacaro Agostino (CH/I )
068 FIAT 514 MM 1931 Cavagna Gian Paolo Tobia/Olli Aldo (I/I)
069 LANCIA Augusta Belna cabriolet 1934 Cruyt W. Dominique/Quercioli Piero (BE/I)
070 ASTON MARTIN Le Mans 1933 s/n B3/232/S Erejomovich Daniel Andre/Gallo Gustavo (AR/AR)
071 ASTON MARTIN Le Mans Special 1933 s/n I3/308/L Pozzoli Damian/Conticello Jorge (AR/AR)
072 FORD B 1933 Fontanella Gianmario/Covelli A.Maria (I/I)
073 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1500 Gran Sport 1933 Mozzi Giordano/Gessler Mark (I/I)
074 ASTON MARTIN Le Mans 1933 s/n F3/280/S Grossi Giancarlo/Cavazzana Andrea (I/I)
075 ALFA ROMEO 8C 2300 1932 Houlihan Shane/Ratajova Zuzana (IE/IE)
076 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 GTC 1932 Kaufmann Andreas/Hohla Leo (AT/AT)
077 MERCEDES-BENZ 500 K 1935 Lange Fritz – Klaus/Merz Friederich (D/D)
078 LAGONDA M 4.5 RAPIDE 1934 Laqueur Macko/Arentsen Herman (BE/BE)
079 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 GRAN SPORT 1932 Marx Axel/Perucchini Renato (CH/I )
080 ASTON MARTIN MKII 1935 s/n K4/521/S Meomartini Alberto/Campaner Pamela (I/I)
081 BENTLEY Derby 3.5 Litre 1933 Meyer Jean-Claude/Sturges Simon (CH/CH)
082 BMW 328 Coupe' 1937 Ermini Massimo/Ermini Lapo (I/I)
083 ASTON MARTIN Le Mans 1933 s/n H3/305/S Moceri Giovanni/Cavalleri Tiberio (I/I)
085 FIAT 514 MM 1931 Patron Luca/Becchetti Federico (I/I)
086 FIAT 508 S sport 1934 s/n 44402 Peli Osvaldo/Baiguera Pierdario (I/I)
087 ASTON MARTIN Le Mans 1933 s/n K3/321/S Ricci Niccolo/Ricci Filippo (I/I)
088 MG K3 Magnette 1933 Schmitz-Koep Norbert/Schmitz-Koep Tosca (GB/GB)
089 ASTON MARTIN International Le Mans 1931 s/n L1/125 Snauwaert Steven/Delanote Filip (BE/BE)
090 FIAT GHIA 508 S 1932 Spagnoli Franco/Menoni Adriano (I/I)
091 ASTON MARTIN ULSTER 1935 s/n A5/537/U Stabiumi Giovanni/Offer Luciana (I/I)
092 MG K3 Magnette 1933 Hampson Douglas/Hampson John (GB/US)
093 ASTON MARTIN Le Mans 1933 s/n F3/275/S Ten Cate Jan/Pors Rob (NL/BE)
094 TALBOT 105 team car 1931 s/n 31051 Van Der Kroft Adrian/Van Der Kroft Joanna (BE/BE)
095 ALFA ROMEO 8C 2300 LE MANS 1932 s/n 2211065 Van Haren Frans/Van Os Roos (NL/NL)
096 FORD A ROADSTER DELUXE 1931 Villa Marzio/Abello Maria Cristina (I/US)
097 ASTON MARTIN Mk II 2/4 Seater 1934 Von Der Heyden Carsten/Von Der Heyden Moritz (D/D)
098 MG C-Type 1932 Watts Graham/Watts Patrick (GB/GB)
100 DELAHAYE 135 S 1936 Gehrmann Ulrich H./Gehrmann Marc (CH/D)
101 FIAT 1500 6C 1936 Nobis Giuseppe/Nobis Francesco (I/I)
102 BMW 328 "Berlin-Rom" Touring Road. 1937 s/n 85051 Abbott Tim/Montgomerie Colin (D/D)
103 SS Jaguar 100 1937 Trierenberg Christian/Trierenberg Nora (AT/AT)
104 FIAT 508 CS MM berlinetta 1938 Boscarino Giuseppe/Boscarino Maria Lucrezia (I/I)
105 BMW 328 Coupe' 1937 Bender Hans-Joachim/Mulder Peter (D/D)
106 BMW 328 Coupe' 1938 Baccanelli Maximo/Gache Alejandro (AR/AR)
107 FIAT 508 S CS berlinetta 1936 Beribe' Adalberto/Baldarelli Sandro (I/I)
108 BMW 328 Coupe' 1939 Braunsperger Markus/Braunsperger Oliver (D/D)
109 FIAT 508 C Mille Miglia berlinetta 1939 Bromberger Rudolf/Bernhofer Robert (AT/AT)
110 SS Jaguar 100 1939 Callanan Tom/O'Donoghue Brendan (IE/IE)
111 BMW 328 Coupe' 1937 Dauphin Antje/Simon Ursula (D/D)
112 LANCIA Aprilia 1350 Sport barchetta 1937 Declerck Renaat/Henderickx Cristophe (BE/BE)
113 ALFA ROMEO 6C 2500 Super Sport Cabriolet 1940 s/n 915.105 Deys Wim G/Peters Geert Jan (NL/NL)
114 LAGONDA LG45 1936 Dutton-Forshaw Richard/BradfielD/Peter (GB/GB)
115 RILEY Sprite 1937 s/n S27S6797 Emmerling Ralf/Emmerling Korst Ulrike (F/F)
116 BMW 328 Mille Miglia Roadster 1939 s/n 85005 Feurer Reiner/Koerfgen Ralph (D/D)
117 LANCIA Aprilia Spider 1938 Fuchs Reginald/Bittner Dr Horst (D/D)
118 BMW 328 Coupe' Touring 1939 s/n 85368 Wirth Hanns Werner/Geistdorfer Christian (D/D)
119 LANCIA Astura Sport 1939 Gerani Silvano/Radavelli Luciano (I/I)
120 BMW 328 Coupe' 1938 Grieb Siegmund/Eckl Harald (D/D)
121 BMW 328 Coupe' 1938 Jung Franz/D'Avanzo Achille (D/I)
122 RILEY 12/4 Sprite 1936 Marini Bruno/Marini Andrea (I/I)
123 FIAT 1500 6C Sport 1937 Marzotto Matteo/Specchia Silvestro (I/I)
124 ALFA ROMEO 6C 2300 B MM spider Touring 1938 s/n 815001 Mellinger Pierre/Gelmini Tommaso (I/I)
125 FIAT CAR-GEM 508 C barchetta 1937 Nick Arthur Georg/Marchetti Michele (CH/I )
126 BMW 328 Coupe' 1939 s/n 85453 Peter Nicolas/Grizot Pascal (D/D)
127 FIAT 508 C Balilla berlina 1939 Praga Mauro/Cerato Sandro (I/D)
128 BMW 328 Coupe' 1937 Meyer Frank B./Muller Moritz (D/D)
129 BMW 328 Kamm Coupé Repl. 1939 Babette Albrecht/Zimmermann Florian (D/D)
130 FIAT FLORIDA 1100 Sport Internazionale 1936 s/n 84121136 Riboldi Alberto/Sabbadini Paolo (I/I)
131 SS Jaguar 100 1937 Rosen Ivan/Bar Gil (AT/AT)
132 FIAT 500 A Sport 1938 Sala Ezio/Bonomi Pietro (I/I)
133 BMW 328 Coupe' 1937 Englert Markus/Hamer Hans (D/D)
134 LANCIA Aprilia 1350 Lusso 1939 Scotto Enrico/Beraldo Luigi (I/I)
135 MG TB 1939 Sisti Sergio/Sisti Enrico (I/I)
136 BMW 328 Coupe' 1937 Van Staveren Nico/Stet Gaby (NL/NL)
137 BMW 328 Coupe' 1937 Von Eschenbach Erich Ebn/Bate Oliver (D/D)
138 FIAT SIMCA 508 C barchetta Grolleau-Deho1938 Wieden Peter/Baier-Wieden Johanna (D/D)
139 ALFA ROMEO 6C 2300 MILLE MIGLIA 1938 Turner Charlie/Turner Peter (GB/GB)
140 BANDINI 1100 S 1947 Chersevani Paolo Maria/Zanatta Francesca (I/I)
141 MASERATI A6 1500 Pininfarina 1950 Stauzebach Giselher/Kaut Gerd (D/D)
143 HW MOTORS ALTA B1 PLACE 1949 Bert Joost/Bert Jonathan (BE/BE)
144 MASERATI A6 1500 Pininfarina 1949 Balli Luigi Gino/Balli Leopoldo (I/I)
145 FIAT GIANNIN 750 Sport 1948 Behaegel Marc/Vandecasteele Stefaan (BE/BE)
146 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS Alloy 1949 s/n 670035 Berg Joel/Leander Kajsa (SE/SE)
147 Bristol 400 Farina 1949 Berry Adrian/Goodman Hannah (GB/GB)
148 FIAT 1100 S "Gobbone" 1947 s/n 500006 Borla Sergio/Borla Edoardo (I/I)
149 MASERATI A 6 1500 1949 Bortolotti Luca/Bortolotti Andrea (I/I)
150 LANCIA Aprilia 1500 Sport barchetta 1947 Bruni Giuseppe/Verzera Antonio (I/I)
151 CISITALIA 202 1950 Diaz Luna Daniel/Brielli Libero (AR/I)
152 CISITALIA 202 MM Spyder Nuvolari 1948 Dalglish Ian/Dal Bello David Peter (GB/CA)
153 FIAT MOTOR RG 1 1948 Dombrowsky Rolf/Dombrowsky Sascha (D/D)
154 CISITALIA 202 SC 1948 s/n SC-142 Geyer Georg/Steinbacher Franz (AT/AT)
155 DAGRADA 750 SPORT Barchetta 1949 Goethals Sabine/Schouwenburg Lennart (BE/NL)
156 HEALEY Elliott 1948 Greader Philip/Lambert-Smith Joanna (GB/AU)
157 VERITAS RS 2000 1949 Jans Adolphus Leonardus/Deventer Robertus (NL/NL)
158 MASERATI A6 GCS 1948 s/n 2006 Kurihara Masaaki/Kurihara Atsuko (JP/JP)
159 HEALEY Westland Roadster 1948 Long David/Wong Shirley (GB/GB)
160 CISITALIA 202 1947 Massai Massimo/Ragionieri Lisa (I/I)
161 FIAT CISITAL COLOMBO BARCHETTA 1948 Masuda Haruo/Masuda Yoshiko (JP/JP)
162 HEALEY Silverstone 1949 Mazzola Gianfranco/Poggi Claudio (I/I)
163 CISITALIA 202B 1950 Martini Fulvio/Marzari Laura (I/I)
164 FIAT ZANUSSI Sport MM 1948 Minussi Corrado/Senini Barbara (I/I)
165 PAGANI LANCI PS 147 SPORT 1947 Munemasa Junichiro/Nishio Yuto (JP/JP)
166 STANGUELLINI Berlinetta Bertone 1947 Nardiello Gerardo/Pampuri Franco (I/I)
167 PORSCHE 550 Spider 1955 s/n 550-0016 Van Gherdegom Wim/De Gres Tom (BE/BE)
168 FIAT STANGUELLINI 1100 SPORT 1947 Palazzani Alberto/Franchini Alberto (I/I)
169 FERRARI 166 MM 1949 s/n 0034M Quintano Juan/Quintano Laila (E/E)
170 FIAT ROSELLI COLLI 1100 SPORT 1949 Risato Kevin/Beltrami Cristiano (I/I)
171 CISITALIA 202 SC 1948 Rossi Fabrizio/Teti Fabio (I/I)
172 FIAT ROVELLI SPIDER CON HARD-TOP 1947 Valentini Aurelio/Valentini Giuditta (I/I)
173 CISITALIA 202 SC 1948 Van Den Berg Tjeerd/De Boer Roland Peter (NL/NL)
174 ALFA ROMEO 6C 2500 Super Sport Cabriolet 1948 Vos Remon Leonard/Fokkema Carolien (CZ/CZ)
175 MASERATI A6 1500 Pininfarina 1949 Fodor Peter/Wiesner Peter (US/AT)
176 Bristol 400 1948 Zwienenberg Derk Willem/Zwienenberg Willy G. (NL/NL)
177 VERITAS RS 2000 1949 Ciocca Filippo/Shuhei Yoshida (I/JP)
178 LANCIA Aprilia 1500 1949 Fallon Robert S/Hoeffner James (US/US)
179 TALBOT LAGO T26 Grand Sport Spider 1951 Aaldering Nico/Aaldering Nick (NL/NL)
180 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS Alloy 1950 Abaci Annette/Walmann Peter (D/GB)
181 FIAT 500 C Topolino 1951 Abbenante Domenico/Lodovisi Maurizio (I/I)
183 HEALEY Silverstone 1950 Becchetti Marco/Becchetti Elisa (I/I)
184 FERRARI 166 MM 1950 s/n 0064M Beecham Clive/Vlahos Christos (GB/GB)
185 HW MOTORS ALTA - JAGUAR 1951 Adyns Pierre/Bert Nicolas (BE/BE)
186 FERRARI 166 Touring Coupe' 1950 s/n 0047S Carlino Peter/Kauffman Robert (US/US)
187 FERRARI 195 Inter Vignale Berlinetta 1951 s/n 0115S Cristina Filippo/Baroli Sabrina (I/I)
188 FIAT 1100 E Zagato Coupe' 1950 De Clerck Dominiek/Sabbe Ivan (BE/BE)
189 LANCIA Aurelia B 20 GT 2500 IV serie 1954 Passanante Mario/Mirko Arontaldi (I/I)
190 MASERATI A6 GCS 1953 Grasselli Luigino/Savaris Silvana (I/I)
191 HEALEY Westland Roadster 1950 Astaller Andreas/Gailinger Daniela (CH/CH)
192 Nash Healey Sports 1951 Hug Rudolf W./Hug Heidi (CH/CH)
193 JAGUAR Biondetti Sport 1950 Keil Horst/Perbellini Gino (D/I)
194 TALBOT LAGO T26 Grand Sport Coupe' 1950 s/n 110154 Kersten Engelbertus/Veen Etienne Simon (NL/NL)
195 FERRARI 212 export 1951 Dubbini Federico/Morassutti Domenico (I/I)
196 ERMINI 1100 Sport Siluro 1951 Morcombe Darren James/Montalbetti Chiara (CH/I )
197 JAGUAR C-TYPE 1952 Quinn Michael/Ferragamo Salvatore (GB/I)
198 FERRARI 340 America 1951 s/n 0150A Panis Josef/Pauer-Ruel Friedrich (AT/AT)
199 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1950 Gandy David/Le Bon Jasmin ()
200 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1951 Wallace Andy/Hoy Chris (GB/GB)
201 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS Alloy Competition 1950 Schneeberger Hans-Martin/Schneeberger Andreas (CH/CH)
202 ASTON MARTIN DB 2 Vantage 1951 s/n LML/50/78 Sotgiu Mauro/Mibelli Sergio (I/I)
203 JAGUAR XK 120 1951 Hamacher Stephan/Reugels Bardo (D/D)
204 LANCIA Aurelia B20 GT 1950 Tiraboschi Matteo/Bombassei Cristina (I/I)
205 HEALEY Silverstone 1950 Van De Velde Loes/Lieste Mikael (NL/NL)
207 ALFA ROMEO 1900 SPRINT TOURING 1951 Von Mozer Alex/Staps Maarten (NL/BE)
208 ALLARD J2 1950 Watts Patrick/Watts Pamela (GB/GB)
209 VERITAS Dyna 1951 Wissing Henry/Collette Joannes (NL/NL)
210 FIAT 1100 E 1952 Palmieri Giovanni/Palmieri Cesare (I/I)
211 FERRARI 166 MM/53 1953 s/n 0050M/0308M De France Warren/De France Viktoriya (NZ/NZ)
212 S.I.A.T.A. DAINA GRAN SPORT spider 1952 Donati Achille/Verzeletti Patrizia (I/I)
213 TRIUMPH TR 2 1954 Barozzi Ennio/Fragni Marco (I/I)
214 S.I.A.T.A. DAINA GRAN SPORT spider 1952 Tosi Ennio/Ballini Gianluca (I/I)
215 MASERATI A6 GCS/53 S2 A6 GCS/53 SERIES 2 1954 s/n 2080 Boglioli Mario/Pezzia Enrica (I/I)
216 AUSTIN HEALEY 100/4 BN1 1954 Grumelli Pietro Giuseppe/Bona Cristina (I/I)
217 JAGUAR XK 140 OTS 1954 Facchinetti Angelo/Galbusera Anselmo (I/I)
218 ALFA ROMEO 1900 SUPER SPRINT 1956 s/n AR1900C-10144 Zanni Maurizio/Stefanini Luca (MC/I)
219 PORSCHE 550 Spyder 1500 RS 1955 Von Baumbach Ernst W.Fer/Von Baumbach Erich Konr (D/D)
220 FIAT 1100/103 1953 Barrett John Harold/Beam Charles Andrew (US/US)
221 ARNOLT Bristol Bolide Deluxe 1954 s/n 404/X/3076 Bas Gerard/Bas Lorenzo (BE/NL)
222 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1954 Au Chris/Tay Dolores (SG/SG)
223 PORSCHE 356 1500 1954 Bode Hans-Gerd/Stuck Hans Joachim (D/AT)
225 JAGUAR MK VII 1954 Brown Alan Brian/Halsey Dean (GB/GB)
226 FIAT AR-51 "Campagnola" 1952 Buraccini Sergio/Zanin Massimo (I/I)
227 ALFA ROMEO 1900 C GARA 1952 Cajani Marco/Somaschini Luigi (I/I)
228 LANCIA Aurelia B24 spider 1955 Sikorski - Grossma Dagma/Esswein - Hardieck Danie (D/D)
229 LANCIA Aurelia B24 spider 1955 s/n B24S-1076 Bonomi Aldo/Bonomi Tarcisio (I/I)
230 ALFA ROMEO 1900 SPRINT CABRIOLET PININ.1953 Casali Giuseppe/Morosini June (I/I)
231 AUSTIN HEALEY 100 M BN1 1954 Dolcetta Giovanni/Dolcetta Stefano (I/I)
232 TRIUMPH TR 3 1956 Carboni Daniele/Badeghieri Rita (I/I)
233 S.I.A.T.A. DAINA GRAN SPORT spider 1952 Gandolfi Flavio/Brunori Gottardo (I/I)
234 LANCIA Aurelia B 20 GT 2500 V serie 1956 s/n B20S-1295 Finco Massimo/Krouse Robert (I/US)
235 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1952 Becchetti Romolo/Becchetti Fabio (I/I)
236 TRIUMPH TR 2 1953 Monti Luca/Ballerio Roberta (I/I)
237 TRIUMPH TR 2 1954 Martini Alberto/Bruni Conter Giambattist (I/I)
238 PORSCHE 356 SPEEDSTER 1500 1955 Ciocca Michele/Zonin Francesco (I/I)
239 AUSTIN HEALEY 100 M BN1 1954 Cerasoli Maurizio/Mclaughlin Larry (US/US)
240 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1954 Wiele Andreas/Staby Christian (GB/GB)
241 OSCA MT4-2AD/1450 1953 s/n 1127 Covindassamy Ananda Mich/Pasquini Guy Fidele (US/US)
242 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1954 Covini Claudio/Brambilla Laura (I/I)
243 PORSCHE 550 Spyder 1500 RS 1955 Pon Bernardus/Perridon MIchel (NL/NL)
244 PORSCHE 356 1500 Super 1952 Capolupo Biagio/Saottini Beatrice (I/I)
245 S.I.A.T.A. DAINA SPORT berlinetta 1952 Carpelli Ezio/Molinari Gianni (I/I)
246 PEUGEOT 203 a 1954 Donghi Alberto/Pascali Marco (I/I)
247 ERMINI 1100 Sport 1952 Gordon Adam/Oneal Kristina (US/US)
249 COOPER JAGUAR T33 1954 Hood Derek/Riedling Steve (GB/GB)
250 ALFA ROMEO 1900 1952 Horn Stanford/Horn Jeremy (US/US)
251 GOLIATH GP700 1954 Horton Robb/Gerngross Heinz (D/D)
252 FIAT 8V 1953 Huther Mani S./Graf Beissel Von Gymnich (D/D)
254 PORSCHE 356 1500 1954 Iacovelli Walter/Bertoletti Teresina (I/I)
255 FERRARI 225 S 1952 s/n 0164ED Khan Najeeb/Braslow John (US/US)
256 ERMINI 1500 S 1952 Kobayashi Yoshiaki/Kobayashi Seiko (JP/JP)
257 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1954 Koziol Tadeusz/Kolodziej Joanna (PL/PL)
258 LINCOLN CAPRI 1954 Lotman Jeff/Grozier Brian (US/US)
259 ASTON MARTIN DB 3/S 1952 s/n DB3/4 Louwman Quirina Valentin/Wood James Robert (NL/NL)
260 PANHARD X87 1952 Mathieu Jean Claude/Ghibellini Rino (F/F)
261 FERRARI 250 MM 1953 s/n 0298MM Meier Werner/Luthi Adrian (CH/CH)
262 AUSTIN HEALEY 100/4 BN1 1954 Lindgens Kurtludwig/Stierle Georg (D/D)
263 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 S 1953 Germann Michael/Grossmann Ernst-Udo (D/D)
264 VOLKSWAGEN KAEFER 1/11 1953 Seybold Wolfgang/Seybold Ferdinand (D/D)
265 AUSTIN HEALEY 100 S 1954 Roberts Keith/Pinchbeck Robin (GB/GB)
266 FERRARI 225 S Export vignale spider 1952 s/n 0198ET Newson Marc Andrew/Arici Oglu Mehmet (GB/F)
267 ARNOLT Bristol Bolide roadster 1954 s/n 404/X/3057 Olivini Giulio/Santangelo Graziella (I/I)
268 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1955 Di Benedetto Paolo/Biandrino Piergiuseppe (I/I)
269 JAGUAR C-TYPE 1952 Buncombe Alex John/Harris Chris (GB/GB)
270 JAGUAR C-TYPE 1953 Kuhnt Bernard/Herzsprung Hannah (GB/GB)
271 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1953 Gianopolus Jim/Day-Lewis Daniel Michael (GB/GB)
272 TRIUMPH TR 2 1954 Perini Enrico/Hagenburger Philipp (I/EG)
273 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1953 Gnutti Alberto/Gnutti Giuliano (I/I)
274 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1955 Grossmann Quirin/Hardieck Moritz (D/D)
275 ALFA ROMEO 1900 BERLINA 1953 Lagenbach Klauss Gerold/Jennissen Johan Josef (D/D)
276 ASTON MARTIN DB 2 Vantage 1953 Quinn Brendan/Strauss Peter (AU/AU)
277 ASTON MARTIN DB 2 1953 Reber Peter U./Fahrni Bruno (CH/CH)
278 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS 1954 Reggiani Renato/Reggiani Alice (I/I)
279 AUSTIN HEALEY 100/4 BN1 1954 Terentyev Alexander Jr/Terentyev Alexander Jr (RU/RU)
280 LANCIA Aurelia B20 GT 2500 III serie 1953 Ricci Stefano/Scarpelli Filippo (I/I)
281 ALFA ROMEO AR51 "Matta" 1900 M 1952 Righele Mario/Maggi Giuseppe (I/I)
282 FIAT PININFA 1100 TV GT Pininfarina 1954 Ronzoni Ezio/Rebecchi Paolo (I/I)
283 LANCIA Aurelia B20 GT 2500 1954 Roversi Riccardo/Miglioli Sara (I/I)
285 JAGUAR XK 120 OTS LE MANS 1953 Santa-Cruz Roberto/Barandica Jose-Luis (E/E)
286 PANHARD Dyna Junior 750 S Berlinetta 1953 Sardini Saveri/Italiani Laura (I/I)
287 S.I.A.T.A. 1100 TV Coupe' Vignale 1954 Smith Thomas/Polak Donald James (US/US)
288 FIAT 1100/103 TV 1953 Spagnoli Antonio/Ippolito Giulio (I/I)
289 CITROEN Traction 15 6H 1954 Tarcher Philippe/Chies Fabiano (CH/CH)
290 FIAT 8V ZAGATO 1954 Reidie David/Colbert Leigh (AU/AU)
291 ASTON MARTIN DB 2 Saloon 1952 Van De Velde Geert/Van De Velde Karin (NL/NL)
292 FERRARI 212/225 S Export Vignale Berl. 1952 s/n 0170ET Streminski Albert/Kramer Chris (D/D)
293 MASERATI A6 GCS/53 1954 Tribe Alan/Davis Craig (AU/US)
294 TOJEIRO SPORT TAD/1953 Cavallari Giovanni/Cavallari Alberto (I/I)
295 FERRARI 340 America 1952 s/n 0196A Stehle Michael/Stehle Marlon (D/D)
296 FERRARI 250 Europa GT 1954 s/n 0361GT Weihermueller Stefan/Tenzler Thomas (D/D)
297 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W194 1952 s/n 000 06/52 Veen Sven/Veen Niels (NL/NL)
298 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W194 "Carrera" 1952 s/n 000 05/52 Weber Thomas/Geissinger Jurgen (D/D)
299 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1954 Koegel Karlheinz/Howe Joerg (D/D)
300 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SLR 1955 s/n 0010/55 Coulthard David/Rommerskirchen Thomas (D/D)
301 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1955 Gehl Walter/Schuff Harald (D/D)
302 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1955 Alterman Eddie/Day Geoffrey Harold (US/GB)
303 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1955 Jennings Jean/Cannon Stephen (D/US)
304 MERCEDES-BENZ 220 A 1955 Wagerle Robert/Reichert Klaus (D/D)
305 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1955 Schmidt Joachim/Koerdt Edgar (D/D)
306 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1955 Maylander Bernd/Kristiansen Enrico (D/D)
307 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1956 Wittman Jurgen/Smith Colin (D/D)
308 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1957 Seifert Harald/Witzel Thomas (D/D)
309 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1954 Jelinek Radek/Fossati Maddalena (D/I)
310 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1956 Penske Roger/Illien Mario (US/CH)
311 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1954 Strasser Jurgen/Strasser Andreas (D/D)
312 ALFA ROMEO 2000 SPORTIVA 1954 s/n 19005-00003 Taylor Michael/Kable Greg (AU/AU)
313 FRAZER NASH TARGA FLORIO 1954 Yardeni Erez/Baholyodhin Ou (TH/TH)
314 PORSCHE 550 A Spyder 1500 RS 1956 Girelli Antonio/Cassina Carlo (I/I)
315 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL W 198 1955 s/n 1980405500576 Scheufele Karl/Carreras Albert (CH/CH)
317 JAGUAR XK 140 OTS 1955 Livio Davide/Panzeri Giuliano (I/I)
318 FERRARI 750 Monza 1955 Scheufele Karl-Friedrich/Scheufele Christine (CH/CH)
319 AC Ace 1955 Strang Ian/Hudson Ken (GB/GB)
320 PORSCHE 356 SPEEDSTER 1954 Keiner Andreas/Stumpp Nicolas (D/I)
321 ALFA ROMEO 1900 SS2 1955 Keller Ermanno/Keller Michele (CH/CH)
322 PORSCHE 356 A 1600 S 1955 Streparava Paolo/Streparava Marco (I/I