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Pau, 16 April, 2011

The second to last day of this years Tour Auto led from Bordeaux south to Pau, the city known for her link to classic racing with the Pau Town Historic GP.

In the morning the cars had to compete in a narrow and twisty special stage in the vineyards of the region. The next stop was then the track of Nogano where (after a day off) the daily race was held.

The break was also used to have lunch as the drivers had to wait anyway for the start of their grid. All attendees were of the opinion that such an approach is good for the tour in a rational way as times of waiting were cut down by this, but compared to earlier Tour Autos the usual lunch break in one of the surrounding castles was missed.

Just before the arrival at Nogano one of the highlights of the day was the journey along a small Canal that had an alley on both sides and small bridges that had to be passed several times.
After the races another special stage was on the program before the route led to Pau Centre. Several mechanics had to work on the car to get it just over the last day to become a finisher as the 1400 Km by now have left marks both on the mechanics and the bodies at some cars.

Tomorrow, at the last day of the Tour the final track will be Pau before the Tour ends at Biarritz.

Tesxt and Images Peter Singhof www.ClassicCarPhotography.de