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Bordeaux, 14 April, 2011

The third stage today led from Objat to Bordeaux and was an example how varying the Tour Auto can be. As the formerly known Tour de France leads through a wide area of France the surrounding changes sometimes from departement to departement. As the route is altered every year to a new region this makes things even more interesting for all the attendees and so one could enjoy the Tour every time as the first time.

The day started with a special stage in Objet before heading towards the surrounding hills with narrow roads. The first stop was the lunch stop at the Château Villebois Lavalette. As the driveway had a steep gradient and the numerous visitors caused a small traffic jam the high revving racing cars  could be heard within miles. The cars were parked in the courtyard of the castle and the participants enjoyed a buffet under the trees before leaving for the Circuit Haute Saintonge for another special trial.

During the following hours the rape fields known from the day before disappeared as the road pointed towards the wine region of Bordeaux. The cars were running through vineyards for miles before reaching their final destination Bordeaux.

Tomorrow the Tour will lead to Pau and there will be a race again on the Circuit Nagaro on the second to last day. The crews have to cover a distance of 350 km.

Text and Images Peter Singhof  www.ClassicCarPhotography.de