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Objat, 13 April, 2011

Today's leg at the Tour Auto 2011 led from Poitiers to Objat. The morning was very much a rhapsody in yellow as round Poitiers the cars were just spots of paint in a sea of rape.

After a closed special stage on rough roads in the mountains the second race was on the program at the circuit du Val de Vienne.
Results of the day were the same as yesterday with wins of Wildenburg/Hahne, Knapfield and Richard Mille in his GT40.

After the cars left the track the drivers got their well deserved lunch break at the Chateau du Fraisse although for the later groups lunch time was about 3:30. The rest of the leg was the way to Objat to the end of the second day. Tomorrow the tour will lead to Bordeaux with the only day without races. The tour will be at a track (Haute Saintonge) but there will be just a 1 lap special stage.

Test and Images Peter Singhof www.ClassicCarPhotography.de