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Goodwood, 17 - 19 September 2010

Thirteen, lucky for some, unlucky for others! It was certainly a lucky number for those who attended the 13th Goodwood Revival Meeting over the weekend of 17 - 19 September, as apart from fantastic close racing, and the wide and varied peripheral activities, the weather remained predominantly warm and sunny throughout the weekend, despite forecasts to the contrary for the Sunday. Apart from the regular activities, there was also a celebration of 60 Years of BRM, a Tribute to John Surtees, who made his car race debut at Goodwood in March 1960, and also a poignant remembrance of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. This latter remembrance was particularly apt for the event, as the Goodwood circuit was built on the perimeter track of Westhampnett airfield, one of those used during World War II as an RAF fighter base. There were flypasts by a Lancaster bomber flanked by Hurricane and Spitfire fighters, and at lunchtime on Sunday, the Spitfire and Hurricane taxied up the main straight for a remembrance service, that was concluded by the Royal Horse Artillery firing a salute of remembrance, for those who had made the ultimate sacrifice.

The meeting started on the Friday, with practice and qualifying sessions for the fifteen race programme, as although the races were numbered one to sixteen, there was no race number thirteen, the organisers obviously not wanting to tempt fate too much on the thirteenth running of the event! As usual there was a spectacular array of cars and motorcycles making up the grids, together with a host of star drivers from both the era of the original racing on the Goodwood circuit, and a number of current drivers, including some making their Goodwood Revival debut, like Audi star driver, and eight times Le Mans 24 Hour Race winner, Tom Kristensen. He swapped his Audi R15 TDI for an Austin A95 in part one of the St Mary’s Trophy race, and continued his winning ways in that. He also partnered Bobby Verdon-Roe in a Ferrari 330 LM berlinetta in the RAC Tourist Trophy Celebration race, but the car unfortunately expired in the race before his turn came to take the wheel. He had better luck in the Sussex Trophy race, finishing 4th in a Ferrari Dino 246.

Amongst all the well known multi-million pound machinery, like the trio of Ferrari 250 GTOs in the RAC TT Celebration Race, there were also some interesting rarely seen cars within the various grids. One of these was in the St Mary’s Trophy Race, an intimidating black, wheel lifting, Russian Gaz Volga M21 saloon, complete with a “KGB” registration plate and “Russian military personnel” pit crew, hugely entertaining! It was to have been driven by Renault’s Russian F1 driver Vitaly Petrov, but he was a “no show”, so saloon car ace Paul Radisich took his place in Race 4. In the same race was another communist block creation, a lumbering lurid orange Tatra T603, with the most incredible twin megaphone exhaust system imaginable. At the opposite end of the scale to these two leviathans, was the miniscule Dreossi- BMC Formula Junior car in the Chichester Cup race, built in Canada around 1960-61 around an aircraft drop tank, with the mechanical components coming from a variety of makes, it finished 15th. There was also some “joy to watch” driving and car control, probably none more so than Grant Williams in his Jaguar MkI, on his way to victory in the second part of the St Mary’s Trophy Race on Sunday. He had the car what seemed like permanently sideways, with spectacular opposite lock power slides from start to finish, kicking up the dust trackside as he just held it on the island, with audible gasps from the crowd, who were expecting him to lose it at any second, then relief when he took the chequered flag, and tumultuous applause on his slowing down lap!

The Goodwood Revival Meeting always provides exciting racing of the highest order, so it is difficult to draw yourself away from the trackside, but there are so many other things going on, that you just have to do it occasionally to get the full Goodwood experience. There is such a variety of entertainment, like the period funfair, the Earls Court Motor Show, the March Motor Works showrooms and garages, the air displays, the period paddock atmosphere, the numerous “theatre acts”, the market, or just people watching, it is amazing the efforts that people make dressing in period costumes, the list is virtually endless, and there is certainly no other historic race meeting that captures the spirit like the Goodwood Revival Meeting. One of this year’s novelties was a period Tesco supermarket, the company that really brought American style shopping to the UK some fifty years ago, and changed the face of the traditional British high street forever, as they became larger and larger, and others followed suit. The Goodwood formula is pure magic, and it is no wonder that it is sold out every year, the vast crowds can escape for a weekend of pure nostalgia and enjoy a real family weekend. The petrol head of the family can enjoy the cars, and those not so inclined, have a vast array of entertainment to keep them happy. If you have never visited the meeting, make a note in your 2011 diary to check the dates of the next Revival Meeting, you won’t be disappointed.

Race Results  Goodwood Trophy (Race 1)
1st # 28 Mark Gillies ERA R3A
2nd  # 6 Matt Grist Alfa Romeo Tipo B
3rd  #21 Frank Stippler Maserati 6CM

Chichester Cup (Race 2)
1st # 4 Benn Simms Elva-Ford 200
2nd  # 85 John Chisholm Gemini-Ford Mk3A
3rd  # 1 Chris Drake Elva-Ford 300

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy (Races 3 & 11)
Race 3
1st # 12 Ian Bain/ Steve Brogan Norton Manx
2nd  # 7 Duncan Fitchett/ Norton Manx   Jeremy McWilliams
3rd  # 14 Stuart Tonge/ Michael Neeves Matchless G80 CS

Race 11
1st # 7 Duncan Fitchett/ Norton Manx   Jeremy McWilliams 2nd  # 12 Ian Bain/Steve Brogan Norton Manx
3rd  # 14 Stuart Tonge/ Michael Neeves Matchless G80 CS

1st # 12 Ian Bain/Steve Brogan Norton Manx
2nd # 7 Duncan Fitchett/ Norton Manx   Jeremy McWilliams
3rd  # 14 Stuart Tonge/ Michael Neeves Matchless G80 CS

St Mary’s Trophy (Races 4 & 12)
Race 4
1st # 7 Tom Kristensen Austin A95
2nd  # 48 Stuart Graham Jaguar MkI
3rd  # 22 Tiff Needell Jaguar MkVII

Race 12
1st # 14 Grant Williams Jaguar MkI
2nd  # 48 Richard Butterfield Jaguar MkI
3rd  # 5 Richard Postins Austin A40

1st  # 14 Bell/Williams Jaguar MkI
2nd  # 48 Graham/Butterfield Jaguar MkI
3rd # 7 Kristensen/Naismith Austin A95

Whitsun Trophy (Race 5)
1st # 98 Andrew Smith Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder
2nd  # 36 Roger Wills McLaren-Chevrolet M1B
3rd  # 12 Martin Stretton Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder

Madgwick Cup (Race 6)
1st # 17 Joe Twyman/ Lotus 15   Roger Wills
2nd  # 15 Ewen & Jamie McIntyre Lotus 15
3rd  # 3 Mark Clubb/  Martin Stretton Cooper-Climax T59 Monaco

Gordon Trophy (Race 7)
1st # 7 Nick Wigley Cooper-Climax T51
2nd  # 14 Roger Wills Cooper-Climax T51
3rd  # 24 Enrico Spaggiari Cooper-Climax T53

Freddie March Memorial Trophy (Race 8)
1st # 7 Darren McWhirter Lagonda V12 LeMans
2nd  # 16 Nick Wigley Cooper-Jaguar T33
3rd  # 24  Nigel Webb Jaguar C-Type

Fordwater Trophy (Race 9)
1st # 16 Nick Swift Mini Dart
2nd  # 17 Shaun Rainford Lenham GT
3rd  # 33 Gordon Elwell Austin Healey Sebring Sprite

Richmond Trophy (Race 10)
1st # 5 Gary Pearson BRM Type 25
2nd  # 99 Barrie Williams Ferguson-Climax Project 99
3rd  # 12 Richard Attwood Ferrari Dino 246

Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration (Race 14)
1st # 18 Peter Hardman/ Jean-Marc Gounon Ferrari 250 GTO/64 2nd  # 1 Oliver Bryant/ AC Cobra   Nicolas Minassian
3rd  # 17 Justin Law/ Anthony Reid Lister-Jaguar Coupé

Glover Trophy (Race 15)
1st # 9 Richard Attwood BRM P261
2nd  # 21 Frank Sytner Lotus-Climax 24
3rd  # 25 Andy Middlehurst Lotus-Climax 25R

Sussex Trophy (Race 16)
1st # 15 Jamie McIntyre Lister-Chevrolet “Knobbly”
2nd  # 2 Bobby Verdon-Roe Aston Martin DBR1
3rd  # 32 Gary Pearson Lister-Jaguar Costin

Text David O’Neill

Images David O’Neill and Keith Bluemel