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Monaco, April 15-18, 2010

Grimaldi Forum in the Principality of Monaco, has been hosting the “Top Marques” event for seven consecutive years. “Top Marques” bills itself as “the only live supercar show in the world”. Indeed, besides presenting the latest supercars to an affluent public, this event enables the visitors to test the cars on Monaco streets. So the show is not limited to the Grimaldi Forum, the entire Principality becomes the venue!

Well-known supercars makers were present, like Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and Maserati. Ferrari presented 3 cars from their current range: a 599 GTB Fiorano, a California and the latest 458 Italia. Pagani presented its amazing Zonda Tricolore, while Mercedes brought the new SLS AMG roadster and a spectacular black SLR Stirling Moss. Tesla, one of several “environmental-friendly” supercars makers (yes, they do exist) was there too with a lime green roadster - a new dealer has recently opened in the Principality.

Top Marques also is the place to be if you like supercars tuning, with specialists customizing your Q8, 997 or Panamera. Usually Ruf is known as one of the most famous Porsche tuners, but this year it actually came to Monaco with a 100% Ruf car: the CTR3.
The most exotic aspect of the show probably lies in small supercars maker stands: HTT (Canada) with the first European appearance of its Pléthore LC-750, or Marussia (Russia) which presented two different models and two demo cars for test drives! Fisker presented the berline Karma while Gumpert had a stunning white Apollo on its stand. One also had the opportunity to discover the amazing Quant or the strange Tirrito Ayrton with its 627 horse power!

Some coachbuilders were attending as well. Pininfarina was represented by the dramatic Hyperion, and Giugiaro with the Namir concept-car.

In this unique salon, one might run into fashion designer Kenzo, Roger Moore or soccer stars. This year edition was a great success with 30.000 people attending.

Could one image a better setting than Monaco to hold such an event? Me thinks: Probably not!

Olivier Bidaud