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Nuerburgring, Germany, 29 - 30 June 2009.

Uwe Meissner’s Modena Motorsport Track Days were held on the full Grand Prix circuit at the Nurburgring on Monday and Tuesday, 29th & 30th June. The event has always attracted a wide variety of Ferrari competition and road cars, along with an eclectic mix of other makes, and the 2009 edition was no exception. As is well known, the weather in the Nuerburgring area can be notoriously changeable, but apart from a short sharp shower around lunchtime on the Monday, the remainder of the time it was predominantly bright sunshine, although occasionally grey clouds drifted over to keep everybody on their toes.

As mentioned there was a great selection of Ferraris with a number of rare examples, including two each of 166 MM Barchettas, 250 GT SWB Berlinettas, 512 Ms, 512 BB/LMs and F333 SPs. Amongst others in attendance there was the 212 Export Barchetta, chassis # 0102E, that featured in the fifties film “The Racers” starring Kirk Douglas, a 212 Inter Vignale Coupé, chassis # 0163E, the unique 166 MM/53 PF Berlinetta, # 0346M, a 312 P(B), a 308 GT/M, the “348” bodied Enzo prototype, a pair of FXXs, and around a dozen F1 cars. Other marques included a pair of Mercedes CLK LM “flying machines”, a CLK-DTM, a Porsche GT1, long and short body versions of the McLaren F1 GTR, a Sauber Mercedes sports racing car, a McLaren MP4/1 F1 car, a 1993 Williams F1 car, a Bizzarrini A3C, a Maserati Bora and MC12, a Porsche 962, plus a Lola T70 sports racer.

The purpose of the event is mainly to give participants plenty of track time on the challenging circuit, with groups sessions arranged according to the type of car. As an aside, all Ferraris in attendance are automatically included in an informal Concorso d’Eleganza, informal in the sense that the cars are judged as they stand or are parked, rather than in a formal setting, so that the owners can enjoy their track activities without having to worry about getting squashed flies on the paintwork! Originality comes before cleanliness. At the end of the day the Best of Show award went to the beautifully restored 1968 312 F1 car, chassis # 0007, of Jean-Francois Decaux, which also saw plenty of track action over the two days. The prizes were presented by Jacky Ickx and a surprise Royal visitor in the form of Prince Peter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau from the Netherlands Royal Family, who had been invited by one of the Judges, Jean-Louis Bezemer. He was very gracious in accepting the invitation to present the concours trophies, with him presenting the road car ones, and Jacky Ickx presenting the competition class ones, with a joint presentation of the Best of Show award. His presence was much appreciated by the attendees from The Netherlands, especially those whose cars had won one of the trophies, which were elegantly crafted leather plaques by Schedoni.

Ferrari Concorso d'Eleganza Award Winners.

Class 1 - '50s Street Cars - Presented by Ferrari Market Letter (USA)
166 MM Touring Barchetta, chassis # 0052M

Class 2 - '50s Race Cars - Presented by Modena Motorsport (D)
212 Export Barchetta, chassis # 0102E

Class 3 - '60s Street Cars - Presented by Modena Motorsport (D)
275 GTB/4, chassis # 09783

Class 4 - Ferrari Passion Award - Presented by Ferrari Model Club (D)
340 America Spider Vignale, chassis # 0196A

Class 5 - '70s Street Cars - Presented by Modena Motorsport (D)
365 GT4/BB, chassis # 17617

Class 6 - '70s Race Cars - Presented by Anamera.com (D)
512 M, chassis # 1002

Class 7 -Judges Choice - Presented by Modena Motorsport (D)
275 GTB, chassis # 06705

Class 8 - Modern Race Cars - Presented by Modena Motorsport (D)
F40 LM, chassis # 74045

Class 9 - Monoposti - Presented by Modena Motorsport (D)
312 F1, chassis # 0007

Best Restoration - Presented by Modena Motorsport (D)
166 MM/53 PF Berlinetta, chassis # 0346M

Best Cabriolet - Presented by Cavallino Magazine (USA)
365 GTB/4S, chassis # 16549

Best of Show - Presented by Ferrari World (D)
312 F1, chassis # 0007

Keith Bluemel