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Carmel, 14 August 2009

As in previous years, the 3000 tickets for the seventh running of “The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering” were sold out almost as soon as they went on sale, some subsequently being re-sold for far above the face value, and equally so media passes were as rare as the proverbial “hen’s teeth”. There was what one might kindly describe as a “sound of silence” from the press office in the weeks leading up to the event. However, as we feel that it is our duty to maximise coverage of as many events as possible during the Monterey week, we managed to gain access towards the end of the day, but unfortunately this does not convey the true atmosphere of what is undoubtedly a great gathering of superb automobiles and motorcycles.

This year, the motor sport themed gathering featured 50 Years of the Daytona International Speedway, 30 Years of BMWs “M” (Motorsport) Division, a Tribute to Hans Joachim Stuck and the Cars of Bill Devin, alongside their regular categories. There was also a class titled “The Great Ferraris”, encompassing an eclectic selection of the desirable products from Maranello, ranging from a 1951 212 Export Vignale Coupé to a 1998 F355 Challenge car, with a 212/225 Inter Touring Barchetta, a 500 TR and a 250 GTO amongst the thirty two examples on display in total. A further delectable Ferrari was shown in the Post-war Sports Cars Class, this being the dark blue ex-Prince Bernhard 250 GT “Speciale”, chassis # 0725GT, and the yellow Dino 206 S “Competizione Speciale”, chassis # 034/10523 was featured in the Post-war Competition Cars Class. Another “Ferrari” worthy of mention was the faithful recreation of a 158 F1 car, as used by John Surtees to win the 1964 Mexican Grand Prix, liveried in the US blue and white racing colours and entered under the NART banner, carrying chassis # “BARBER 01”, so at least there is no deception as to what it is. The Best of Show Award went to the svelte red Touring bodied 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Cabriolet, chassis # 412026, owned by Bob Lee from Nevada.

The show also featured the North American unveiling of the Porsche Panamera, with a large Porsche pavilion housing a showroom and test drive centre not far from the concours field. Other new models on display were Lamborghini’s Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni, constructed as a tribute to their world renowned test driver of that name, Aston Martin’s latest DBS Volante soft top, plus Confederate Motors latest radical motorcycle design, their P120 Fighter Combat.

Major Awards

Rolex Circle of Champions Best of Show Award
1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B owned by Bob Lee

FIVA Award
1953 Ferrari 375 America owned by Jamie Muldoon

Road and Track Editor’s Choice Award
1954 Kurtis 500KK owned by Roger Hoffman

30th Anniversary of BMW’s Motorsport Division
1980 BMW M1 owned by Christopher Provo

50 Years of Daytona International Speedway
1964 250 GTO owned by John McCaw

The Cars of Bill Devin
1959 SS Prototype owned by Richard and Susan Haskell

Tribute to Hans-Joachim Stuck
BMW 3.0 CSL owned by Mark Leonardo

The Great Ferraris
1951 212 Europa Touring Barchetta owned by Skeets Dunn

Pre-War Sports & Racing Cars
1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B owned by Bob Lee

Post-War Sports Cars
Fiat 8V “Supersonic” owned by David & Ginnie Sydorick

Post-War Racing Car Award
1955 Porsche Spyder 550 owned by Cheryl and Peter Dunkel

Sport and Racing Motorcycles Award
1970 Triumph T120 RT owned by Richard Varner

Super Cars Award
1971 Lamborghini Miura SV owned by Enrique Landa

The Quail Lodge Award
Delahaye 135 M owned by Peter & Merle Mullin

List of Ferraris entered

     Ferrari 212 Inter s/n 0135E, Skeets Dunn
     Ferrari 212 Inter Cabriolet s/n 0227EU, John Queen
     Ferrari 342 America s/n 0246AL, Marc Spizzirri
     Ferrari 212 Inter Barchetta s/n 0253EU, Peterson Museum
     Ferrari 375 America s/n 0293AL, Jim Muldoon
     Ferrari 375 America s/n 0355AL, Jack Thomas
     Ferrari 250 Europa GT s/n 0419GT, Ken Roath
     Ferrari 250 GT Boano s/n 0571GT, Joe Brilando
     Ferrari 500 TRC s/n 0650MDTR, Thomas Rhein
     Ferrari 250 GT Special s/n 0725GT, Lee Herrington
     Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta TdF s/n 1353GT, Arturo Keller
     Ferrari 250 GT LWB California s/n 1663GT, Tom Price
     Ferrari 250 GT SWB s/n 1905GT, Peter Read
     Ferrari 250 GTO s/n 4293GT, Chip Connor
     Ferrari 250 GT Lusso s/n 4389GT, Richard Darling
     Ferrari 400 SA s/n 5115SA, Don Murray
     Ferrari 250 GTO s/n 5571GT, John McCaw
     Ferrari 275 GTB s/n 07641, Steven Read
     Ferrari 275 GTB/4 s/n 09337, John Thompson
     Ferrari 275 GTB/4 s/n 10409, Mike Alessandro
     Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 s/n 10431, Tom Budinger
     Ferrari 206 Dino s/n 034, Jim Glickenhaus
     Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART s/n 10691, Larry Carter
     Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 s/n 11061, Anthony Pfannkuchen
     Ferrari 365 GTB/4 s/n 14437, Symbolic Motors
     Ferrari 365 GTS/4 s/n 14671, John Thompson
     Ferrari 365 GTC/4 s/n 15495, Gary Kuntz
     Ferrari 512 BBi s/n 49097, Christopher Rose
     Ferrari 288 GTO s/n 52739, Dan Watkins
     Ferrari F40 s/n 87200, Tony Hart
     Ferrari F355 Challenge s/n 111717, Peter George
     Ferrari 599 GTB s/n 163065, Sam Hagar

Keith Bluemel/David O’Neill