60° Anniversario Circuito di Piacenza
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60° Anniversario Circuito di Piacenza

Piacenza 2007 June 17

In cooperation with Ferrari Spa, a meeting was held at June 16-17 2007 to honor the 60th anniversary of the Circuito di Piacenza, Ferrari's first race with his own cars. In fact May 11 1947 is the birthday of the first Ferrari race ( the car is the 125 S with Cortese at the wheel…)

16 Ferraris, built betwenn 1947-1960, and some cars that had raced at Circuito di Piacenza like Maserati A6GCS first type, BMW 328, Lancia Astura Mille Miglia and a lilliput Fiat Topolino “special” 500 and 750 were invited.

On Saturday evening the “real old” 3 Km Circuito di Piacenza (in the middle of the city…) saw it's revival, the street were closed for normal traffic and the participants could drive some demonstration laps.

Ferraris at the 60th anniversary of the Circuito di Piacenza celebrations

1 250 Tour de France

Falchetti Umberto

2 500 Testa Rossa

Galeazzi Giancarlo

3 166 Barchetta Touring

Casella Paolo

4 212 Le Mans Berlinetta Touring

Calligaris Fabio

5 250 Europa GT

Mastroeni Piero

6 212/225 EXPORT Vignale

Bianchi Federico

7 250 Europa

Chiapparelli Alessandro

8 212 Vignale

Dubbini Federico

9 Dino 156 F1

Cuppellini Corrado

10 500 Testa Rossa

Peliziari Marco

11 500 Mondial

Caggiati Claudio

12 212 Inter

Giovanni Rotundo

13 166 Inter Berlinetta Vignale

Sandro Blosi

14 125 S

Ferrari Spa

15 166 Berlinetta Touring

Ferrari Spa

16 750 Monza

Walter Burani
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