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Postcard  from Monterey 4

Friday is concours day once again! This time there is the choice between Concorso Italiano at The Black Horse Golf Club to the north of Monterey overlooking the Pacific Ocean, or The Quail at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley – Decisions, Decisions!

In reality the decision had been made for me, as I had elected to judge for the Ferrari Club of America at Concorso Italiano, but given a free choice it is a difficult call. However, time permitting I wasn’t going to let it stop me from at least putting in appearance at The Quail.

Concorso Italiano always attracts a vast number of Italian cars, plus there is an area set aside for non-Italian exotica. The Ferrari element of the event is usually the largest, and this year was no exception with over 350 examples on display, looking like a predominantly red carpet flowing down the fairway. They were predominantly modern examples, although the sixties era was well represented with some nice 250 GTs and 275 GTBs, but for the afficianados the star attraction was an unrestored Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider, 1425 GT, which has been in the same ownership for over 30 years. At the modern end of the spectrum, Ferrari of Silicon Valley showed a duo-tone 599, which looked stunning in deep metallic red with a silver roof.

Elsewhere on the field the Lamborghini display was pretty impressive, with the unique Muira spider and the first Countach, not to mention the lurid array of paintwork on the many Murcielagos and Gallardos present, including one with a wild graphic design all over, even extending to the glass! The selection of Maseratis was also impressive,with numerous sixties examples, including 3500 GTs and even 5000 GTs on the field.

... more images from Concorso Italiano

And so come mid afternoon, despite not having seen everything, it was off to The Quail, although judging by the traffic many others had the same idea, so it was a slow journey, and the field was clearing upon arrival. However, there was still some spectacular machinery to be seen, including some of the fifteen Ferrari 250 GT S1 PF cabriolets that had formed what must have been an impressive display. Also the Best of Show Cunningham was still parked on the podium, and there was a nice pair of Ford GT40s amongst the hardware still in attendance.

... more images from The Quail

To close the day, it was back to downtown Monterey to take a look at the RM Auction, which was getting into its stride with an impressive and eclectic array of cars including a variety of interesting hot rods and custom cars, which seemed to be making strong money, although the really big numbers were coming up on the Saturday night.

... more images from the RM Auction

Keith Bluemel

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