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 Ferrari 250 GT S1 Cabriolet

The Ferrari 250 GT S1 cabriolet, which went into production in 1957, is regarded by many as one of the most elegant cabriolets designed by Pinin Farina. The lines are fluid from the covered headlights through to the beautiful triangular tail lights, which were a feature of most of the forty cars in the series. To see one example at a Ferrari gathering is a rare occurrence, but to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the model, The Quail Concours assembled no less than sixteen examples of the model during the Monterey historic motoring extravaganza, including the unique prototype for the series, chassis # 0655GT, with its many special features including the cut away driver’s door, grill and tail treatment. As a bonus for enthusiasts of the model there was a further example, chassis # 0813GT, shown at the Pebble Beach Concours on the Sunday, so nearly half the production run could be viewed in a single weekend.

0655 GT – Black with cut-out door, Robert Lee
0737 GT – Aubergine / Tan with fender vents, William Grimsley
0777 GT – Dark Blue with fender vents, Peter Kalikow
0783 GT – Red, Harold Hayes
0789 GT – Black or Dark Blue with fender vents, Lee Herrington
0801 GT – Red, Jerry Roehl
0809 GT – Metallic Red, Robert Lee
0811 GT – Metallic Grey, RHD, Sir Michael Kadoorie
0849 GT – Red, Denis Pobiak
0873 GT – White, John Mozart
0931 GT – Red, Randy Reiss
0961 GT – Black with horizontal front quarter bumpers, Sam Mann
0971 GT – Red, Bob Donner
1079 GT – Red, John Clinard
1181 GT – Dark Blue with full width front bumper, Glen Mounger
1475 GT – Dark Red Metallic with full width bumper & open headlights, Hillary Raab Jr.

Keith Bluemel

Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet SI Special

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