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Modena Motorsport Track Days

Nurburgring, 26-27 July 2007

Wet & Wild –
As with most of northern Europe in late July, the weather was not at its best for any outdoor event, and the Modena Motorsport track days were one of the sufferers. However, although it detracted some entrants from attending, the turnout was still good, despite constant showers and strong winds on the first day giving attendees a wet and wild ride on the track. Fortunately the weather was rather more clement on the second day, with only a brief shower during the concours prize giving providing a minor hiccup to the proceedings.

Raison d’Etre - The main purpose of the meeting is to provide participants with plenty of track time to exercise their “Cavallino Rampante” along with some high performance cars of other makes. It succeeds in doing this admirably, with long sessions, and despite the miserable conditions on the Tuesday, there were plenty of cars creating massive balls of spray on the circuit, fortunately without any incident of consequence. The only ”off” of consequence was that of the host on the second day in his 641/1 F1 car, fortunately without any personal injury. There is also a concours open to all Ferraris in attendance, which this year had a fine selection of Schedoni leather trophies for the class winners, which were presented by Uwe Meissner and ex-Ferrari drivers, Jacky Ickx and Brian Redman, who were in attendance for both days.

Reunion – Mention of Jacky Ickx and Brian Redman, brings to mind their reunion with a 312 P (B) of the type that they both drove so successfully in the early seventies, chassi # 0882, kindly made available for them to drive by Christian Glaesel. There was a second 312 P (B) in attendance, that of the Stieger family from Switzerland, chassis # 0888, who also had their 512 M, chassis # 1018, 312 T4 F1 car, chassis # 038, and 512 BB/LM, chassis # 27579, in attendance, all of which were well exercised on the track. There was also a Swedish road registered 312 P look-alike in the paddock based on a Mondial t, not one for the purists, but an interesting concoction bearing the inscription on the tail “Mondial t Molto Modificato”.

Other Marques – As mentioned earlier the event is not restricted to Ferraris, but open to other significant marques of sport, GT and monoposto cars, and attracted a fine selection. The one that saw the most track time was the long tail McLaren F1 GT of Christian Glaesel, resplendent in its attractive Fina BMW livery, in which he gave numerous passenger rides over the course of the event, one passenger describing it as “the quickest and most amazing ride of my life”! There was also a Ford GT40, a totally unrestored Alfa Romeo TZ1, a Bizzarrini, a Porsche 917, a Maserati MC12 and an Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale to name but a few.

Concorso – The results of the concours are appended below. Anamera sponsored two of the concours trophies, classes 5 & 6, for seventies road and race cars respectively. The former was won by an ex-Shah of Iran 365 GT4/BB, which was a very early series car featuring the rarely seen non-adjustable shell type seats with heavy weave cloth fabric covering. The seventies race car class went to the stunningly prepared and presented 312 P (B) of Christian Glaesel, which remained immaculate despite its track outings.

Ferrari Concours Results

Class 1: Fifties road cars
250 GT S1 PF Cabriolet, chassis # 0735 GT
Class 2: Fifties race cars – 250 Monza, chassis # 0442 M
Class 3: Sixties road cars
275 GTB, chassis # 06705
Class 4: Sixties race cars – 250 GTO, chassis # 4153 GT
Class 5: Seventies road cars – 365 GT4/BB, chassis # 18167
Class 6: Seventies race cars – 312 P (B), chassis # 0882
Class 7: Eighties road cars (up to 1984) – 512 BBi, chassis # 42301
Class 8: Eighties race cars (up to 1984) – 512 BB/LM, chassis #  27579
Class 9: Monoposti – 500 F2, chassis # 54/1
Special Award of the Jury for the best restoration – 330 GT 2+2, chassis # 07471
Special Award of the Jury for the best convertible, 365 GTB/4S, chassis # 14553
Best of Show – 250 Monza, chassis # 0442 M

Keith Bluemel

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