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01.12.2009, 16:29:04 cet

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May 11-14, 2006

we always get the question how can barchetta do this so fast .... here are the 10 steps ...
the best ...... you can use this software for free

you are nosy .... and like to go directly the the Mille Miglia galleries
................. scroll down to the end of this page

Create New Folder & set descriptor defaults

1. Create a new folder and assiging descriptor defaults ... to save data entry time

Set descriptor defaults

2. Set descriptor defaults for folder  Mille Miglia  ... and all sub-folders.... in this case the event name and the photographers name are entered ... 332 fields will be automatically be filled

open  SL explorer select images  ... and load

3. Open StudioLine Explorer ... select images and drag to folder MM

Import Mille Miglia Entry List ... for categorizing

4. Images have been loaded ... default descriptors information  assigned .... and filter toolbox opened

Import Mille Miglia Entry List ... for categorizing

6. Finding images fast ... is no miracle  ... images tell more then 1000 words ... yes ..... but images without names  ... can not be found .... so assign keywords  ... or descriptions .. in own or IPTC fields

to streamline the workflow ... just import the organizers entry list

Import Mille Miglia Entry List ... for categorizing

7.  Categories and keywords can be imported that saves hours and hours and typo's .... this saved us to enter 375 lines of information

Assign categories / keywords ... double click or drag

8.  Keywords can be assigned by double click ... are by dragging the tag to the selected images

Select all images of Ferraris ... participating in the 2006 Millie Miglia  .. in 2 seconds

9.  Now you can find images in seconds  .. e.g. all Ferraris participating in the Mille Miglia 2006

Clipboard Image

10. To share your images with friends .... just publish a web gallery in a couple of minutes ... and here it is

Mille Miglia 2006 Gallery 

all Mille Miglia and history car enthusiasts can download and use StudioLine Photo Basic ... for free
to archive and organize their image archives  >>>

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