12h Sebring, 1999 - Getting Ready
The Doran/Matthews Ferrari 333 SP s/n 026 leads the Champion Porsche 911 GT1 Evo into turn 3.
Lienhard comes in for an afternoon pitstop with his Doran/Lista 333 SP s/n 025.
Emanuele Pirro glides his "batmobile" Audi R8R into turn 3.
Juan Fangio II exits the pits in the Doyle-Risi 333 SP s/n 018.  He retains his 3rd place spot in the race.
The sun sets at the Hairpin.
Late afternoon, the blackened flanks of Juan Fangio II's 333 SP s/n 018 flash by on the front straight, running like a train in 3rd place.
Michele Alboreto's helmet resting on his #77 R8R with which he would qualify 12th later that day.
Emanuele Pirro's helmet atop his R8R before qualifying.
The Doyle-Risi 333 SP s/n 018 being pushed to the starting grid the morning of the race.
The first lap sees Pirro and Alboreto in their Audi R8Rs hot on the tail of the Doyle-Risi Ferrari 333 SP s/n 017.
Morning of the race, the Doyle-Risi 333 SP s/n 017 on its way to the starting grid.
Team Joest mechanics relax as they wait for their new Audis to start the first qualifying session.
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