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 12h Sebring, 2001
Johansson brakes for the hairpin
Kristensen is in the lead and charging hard through the darkness
The Champion Audi's reflective livery at sunset
Dorsey Schroeder pilots the Champion Audi at sunset
Kristensen puts in some very fast laps as the sun goes down
JJ Lehto downshifts for turn 15 in his BMW M3 GTR
Capello chases Smith as the sun gets low in the sky
Biela through turn 15
Biela blasts through the kink on the backside of the course
Capello through turn 15
Pirro brakes for turn 10
David Brabham hustles his Panoz through Collier Curve
Pirro makes it stick through Collier Curve
Pirro blasts through Big Bend
Dyson's new Riley & Scott MkIIIC Ford spits flames as James Weaver turns into the hairpin.  The car led the "non-Audi class" until overheating put it out of the race at the 8th hour
Salles completes a few laps in the troublesome Panoz during mid-race
Faint glow from the front brake discs on Aiello's Audi
Brakes are easy to lock up going into the hairpin
Aiello keeps the #1 Audi in the lead
Pirro brakes for the hairpin
Kristensen bounces through turn 17, making up for time lost in the pits due to ignition troubles
Alboreto makes a fuel stop while in the lead
Capello negotiates heavy traffic at turn 3
There was a titanic battle between the two Alex Job Porsches for the win in GT
Henri Pescarolo used Sebring as a test for his new Courage Peugeot.  Here it spits flames on the downshift into turn 3
Johansson had his Gulf-sponsored Audi painted up like the GT40s, 917s and Mirages from the past
Frank Biela led from pole during the opening stages of the race
The two customer Audis of Andy Wallace and Stefan Johansson battled during the opening stages of the race, the Gulf car finally pulling away as Wallace's tires weren't working well
Tom Kristensen
Michele Alboreto
Franz Konrad's Saleen qualified on pole in GTS and beat the factory Corvettes in the race
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