0269EU 51 (originally 0139E)
212 Inter Coupe Vignale, RHD 
Dark green
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
51 - Delivered to Comptoir Automobiles Richard SA, Brussel, Belgium  

52/Jan - Displayed at Salon Bruxelles
standing with 340 America Ghia Coupé 0148/A and next to 212 Inter Vignale Cabriolet 0125/EL
The 212 inter Coupé Vignale 0139/E is two-tone colored


53/Spring - Sold by Comptoir Automobiles Richard SA to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, as a used car, with only 3500 km on the odo

53 - Prince Bernhard of Netherlands  "HX-13" (NL)

53/June/7 - The Prince is pictured with his Ferrari at Circuit Zandvoort on Sunday 7 June 1953, when he visited the F1 Grand Prix
Car was on Dutch Royalty plates HX-13

The black & white pictures clearly show now a darker colored car, but it is not sure what the exact color was.


53/Summer - Not long after he had this car, Enzo Ferrari heard about the Dutch Prince driving in only a "used” Ferrari
So he wrote a letter to Bernhard: That is not a good car, come to Maranello with your Ferrari, and I will offer you a new Ferrari 

53/July - Prince Bernhard drove to Maranello with a friend in his Ferrari 212 Inter Vignale 0139/E to Maranello, and traded that car for a new Ferrari 212 Inter Coupé Pinin Farina s/n 0269/EU

              That car was restamped to 0139/E, so Bernhard drove back to the Netherlands with his new 212 Inter Pinin Farina 0269EU  restamped 0139/E.

53/July - When the old 212 Inter Vignale 0139/E was traded in, it had driven 9500 km. The chassis and engine of the 212 Inter Vignale 0139/E were restamped with numbers 0269/EU, and sold  

55/March/12 - In the mean time, Prince Bernhard traded his 212 Inter Pinin Farina 0269/EU, that was restamped and used the identity 0139/E, in for his new Ferrari 250 Europa GT 0387GT.

                     The Europa was also stamped 0139/E, so that identity was now used by Bernhard for the third time. The car still has that 0139/E number today. 

                      The old 212 Inter Pinin Farina 0269/EU, that was restamped 0139/E before, was now restamped 0387/GT and sold
5. - .............., USA "E14068"

63 - The original 212 Vignale was later owned by someone in New York. The car was fitted with a Chevy V8 engine, automatic transmission & rear axle.

The original engine 0139/E, that was also restamped to 0269/EU, is now in Ferrari 212 Inter 0237/EU. Pictures of that car and engine taken by Andreas Birner in Gstaad.

81 - car damaged during transport; "the car was packed in a crate without being tied down so that the car had rolled back and forth across the Atlantic" FbV p154
82 - G. Sterner, UK (Wales)  
84 - Les Miller, Hornsby, AUS  
8. - bodywork rebuilt & fitted with engine from 0259EU (212 Inter)  


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